Sally and Possum Season 5 Episode 12 – Sally’s flowers

Hello. Hmm. Huh?
Look. Ha-ha! Yeah! Hmm. Oh! Ooh! Huh? Look!
Ah! I’m Sally. And I’m Possum. BOTH: Hello! Op, op, op. Op. Ha-ha. Hi, everyone. Ooh, Sally’s been sitting there
for a long time. She seems to be thinking
about something. Oop.
Oh! Hi! Sally, look.
Oh, hello, everyone. My mind was elsewhere. Do you want to come and play soccer? Oh, no, thank you.
Oh. Sally, are you sad? No, not really. I have a friend of mine
who’s quite sick, unfortunately. I’ve just been thinking about them and I’m feeling a little bit down,
I think. A bit sad. I’d like to give them something
to cheer them up but I don’t know
what they’d like. Hmm. Sally,
you’re such a good friend. Oh, I have an idea. Why don’t you give them
some chocolate? Well, my friend is sick. I don’t think they’re going to want
to eat chocolate. Well, we can give it to them
and if she doesn’t want it, then we can get it back
and eat it all. You’re so funny. No, I’m not going to give her
chocolate. Right. Hmm. Ooh! We could give her
lots of vegetables. Oh, that’s a good idea. But I’m not too sure
what she is allowed to eat because she’s still sick. I want to give her something
that will make her feel happy and bring a smile to her face
and brighten her up. I just don’t know what. Hmm. Oh! Can I draw a picture? And give it to her? Oh, that’s a great idea, Possum. Do you remember the cards
that we made with all of the different shapes
and colours? Perhaps we can write
“get well soon” on a card. Oh, that’s a great idea. I know what I can give her. I can give her a bunch of flowers. Oh, that’s right! I remember when you were sick once and then a delivery person,
like Jae, came and delivered
some flowers for you. Yes, that’s right. The person who works
at the flower shop sells all sorts of different flowers. I was actually thinking that we can cut some of the flowers
that I have in the garden. Then, we can make our own bunch
of flowers to give to my friend. I have scissors.
Me, too! I’ll go get them.
I’ll get mine. Hup. Ha-ha. Oh, wow! Oh. Yes. That one’s nice. Ah. Uh-huh. Hmmm. Hmm. Ha-ha. Right! Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha! Here.
Wow. That’s a lot of flowers. I thought you were just going to cut
a few, but you’ve cut so many. Well, I thought you wanted help, so I just cut them all
and brought them in for you. That’s lovely of you, Possum, but I don’t think
you’ve actually learnt how to arrange flowers yet, have you? Hmm. No. Do you know what to do with them? Ah, it’s easy. I just put all the flowers into the
vase because all flowers look good. Oh, you think it’s as easy as that? I think you might find
it’s a little bit harder to arrange flowers than you think. Nah, it’s easy!
OK, then, you try it. OK. Now. That one, that one… ..this one, that one. Hmm…
Hmm. See? Easy! Sally, this friend of yours,
are they a good friend? Oh, yes.
Hmm. OK. Hmmm. Hmmm. Sally, are they a close friend? Oh, yes, she is a very dear friend. OK. Hmm. Hmm. Flower arranging
is a very special thing. It really is an art… ..because you must think about
colours, sizes and patterns. You put your thoughts and feelings
into arranging the flowers… ..and when a person receives
that bunch, they’ve got a sense of what
the person who made it was feeling. Oh, OK. Hmm. Possum, I think we should watch
some children learning from a florist about flower arranging. Hmm. You’re right, Sally. There is a bit
too much in there, isn’t there? Hmm. Let’s watch,
so I can learn something. I am giving this to my mother. This for my mother
because I love her. Thank you for teaching us
about flower arranging. Flowers are beautiful. Oh! That was great! Oh! I learnt so much. There’s just too much in the vase. I need to start again. Hmm. We need to think about the colours
and the shapes to make sure it fits. Yes, that’s right. I learned so much, too. The lady who did all of the flower
arranging is called a florist. She is an expert on which colours
look good together and how to blend them. If you look, she often used
an odd number of flowers. Odd? What does ‘odd’ mean? Hmmm. An even number means that
every flower has a partner. If there’s one left over
then the number of flowers is odd. Um, I don’t think I understand. Can you show me what you mean? I’ll show you.
We can use these flowers. Ready?
OK. Here we have one, and then I put another one with it,
and that makes two flowers. So that’s even. It’s an even number.
OK. Now, if I add an extra flower… Yeah. ..that one is not in a pair. Does it have a partner? No. So that means it’s an odd number. Oh! Ah, alright. Is this even? Yes, it is,
because there’s two pairs. Oh, oh… ..and this is odd? Yes, that’s right. Two, two, one. Ah, I’ve got it now. Yes!
OK. OK, are you ready?
Yep, ready. Let’s take them all out.
Alright. Ah. Whoops. Oop! There. Now, ready. Would you like to start
arranging the flowers? Where do we start? Which flower would you like
to start with first? The yellow ones.
The yellow ones? OK. I want them low,
so I will have to cut them. Hmm.
Yes, that’s great. You can cut that. So, you’ve got three of them.
Yes, it’s odd! That’s right!
Great. Now, what’s next?
Hmm. Look, five.
That’s right, five. That’s an odd number as well. Remember, not too short. We want them a bit longer
than the other ones. Ah, OK. Hmm. Hmm. Yep. Ah-ha. Done.
Good. Oh. There. Cut that. Right. Hmm. What about
some of this green stuff? Oh, OK. Hmm. Oh! Ah. Oh! This one! Oh, that is beautiful. Right. Do we need any more? Hmm. Um, hmm. I think it’s finished.
Yes, I think you’re right. It is finished. It looks lovely. Now it looks like
a real piece of art. And we’ve got plenty of flowers
left over, too. Should we make another one
for ourselves? Oh, yeah! Can you do that while I go get
something to make a card with? Oh, OK. Now. Ooh…one. Would you like me to write your name or would you like
to write it yourself? Oh! I can do it. Your writing is so neat. I don’t
think I could write that neatly. Well, that doesn’t matter.
Anyway, I know how to spell my name. P-O-S-S-U-M.
Great. Yeah!
Well done! Oh, isn’t this a lovely card? It says, “Get well soon. “Love from… “..Sally and Possum.” Oh, this is great! I learned so much today
about flowers and the right way to arrange them with shapes and colours, and also about odd and even numbers. Great. Sally, I made a second bunch
for a friend of mine. I’m going to give it to them now.
Oh, that’s lovely. I’m going to go now. Bye-bye. Bye! Oh, I wonder who that is? Hello!
Ha-ha! This is for you, Sally! Oh, for me? You shouldn’t have! How very thoughtful of you. These flowers are beautiful. Well, our time is up. Thanks for watching.
See you next time. Bye.
Bye. Look, Sally.
Doesn’t it look beautiful? Oh, look at these colours. What a lovely blend. Well done!

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