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Khun Kamon, do you think we can find Potters’ Square? What do you think? Do we need to ask somebody? Khun Kamon! Look ahead? We found the way, the correct way, really! We found it! Potters’ Square. This is the pottery centre of Bhaktapur. It is a very charming place, … and it is an important centre of pottery in Napal. Not a long walk from Bhaktapur Durbar Square, … we now arrived at the Potters’ Square. If you could recall, this place was a scene in the movie ‘Little Buddha.’ There are workshops for clay throwing … and the kilns. After the clay are thrown into desired shapes, … they are placed on the square … in tidy row in great quantity. And pottery class for tourists is also available. This morning, I was thinking of learning how to make the pottery. Then we met this artisan. He beckoned us to come here. So, I decided to learn the craft. How lucky I am! Is it done? Yes, it is… Something like this. An ashtray. (clapping hands) Now, let’s go have dinner. Today, we will have something that is very local. So we can absorb the true atmosphere of being here in Nepal. อาหารของชาวเนวารี บาระ-โว มีจำหน่ายที่นี่ Have you already put the sauce? Yes, I did. Very munchy and well-rounded taste. Not too salty. Very good, very good. This morning, we are in Bhaktapur. Yesterday, we saw many kinds of handicrafts in the city, such as Tanga, Buddhism-related paintings on canvas. We visited wood carving workshop, and the art of pottery at the Potters’ Square. Having seen all local handicrafts, we found another dimension of enjoying Bhaktapur. This morning, we are having tea at a local tea shop … in the neighbourhood of this square. Let’s enjoy the tea, Cheers!!! Lovely cold weather … with a sip of hot tea … marvellous! Do you have a speaking ‘cue’ here? (both laughing) We are in front of a breakfast place of Bhaktapur now. The vendor is frying many types of doughs. These sheets of fried flatbread are like roti in Thailand, and these look like donut. This is called ‘silpuri.’ It is like a roti with donut stuffing … just like the roti in Thailand … yeh… roti at home. Rich in carbohydrate… a bit sweet and gummy. This would definitely be lovely with a cup of tea. Another breakfast item in Nepal is milk. Cow milk of Bhaktapur is very famous. Here, dairy cows are freshly milked daily. Large quantity of fresh milk is available in Bhaktapur, … as it is an important industry of Nepal. Making yogurt from fresh milk is also popular here. หนึ่งลิตรราคา 80 รูปี (24 บาท) — One litre costs US$ 0.7 ครึ่งลิตร 40 รูปี (12 บาท) — Half a litre US$ 0.35 ขอบคุณครับ ยินดีครับ Here, if you could recognise, … is also one of the scenes in the movie ‘Little Buddha.’ This is actually a part of the royal palace, … a ritual bathing courtyard, … where kings of Bhaktapur performed the ritual bathing. Sundari Chawk bathing courtyard in Bhaktapur was … where the ritual bathing of the Kings took place. The bathing courtyard is a vast open air space. It is an ancient belief that … Sundari Chawk is protected by Naga, … the mythical serpents. The bath is lined with sacred stones. The water runs via lead pipes … from the source in the hills to the north of Bhaktapur. We have just visited a part of the royal palace. We learnt that Bhaktapur, during 12th to 16th century, … was a flourishing city, highly advanced in art, craft and culture. Wood carvings, metal foundry, … and architecture. They all have beautiful, intricate details. Bhaktapur is a must-see and must-visit destination. You can spend 1 or 2 nights, … escaping from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Spend easy time, … finding lovely spots to enjoy slow lifestyle. We found local snack places to enjoy ‘bara,’ which is a real local snack of Bhaktapur. Fun and impressive. We really enjoyed ourselves … during our few days here in Bhaktapur. We are on our way … from Bhaktapur to Kathmandu. ใช้เเวลานานเท่าไหร่ครับ มันก็ขึ้นอบู่กับการจราจรนะ ปรกติแล้วใช้เวลาประมาณ 45 นาที It takes about 45 minutes to cover the distance 20 kilometres. Our driver told us that it depends on the traffic … how heavy it is. Today is Saturday. We are back to the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Normal thing for the capital city. It is now time for us to bring Khun Kamon … to do some… SHOPPING!!! And to bring Khun Kamon to look for some carpets. Nepal is also famous for carpets. Weaving carpets is a Tibetan tradition … that produces fine and beautiful carpets. Carpets in Nepal… The art of making carpets is an old craft tradition of Nepal, … especially in the mountainous area. Carpets is a well-known craft of Nepal. It is made from locally produced wool. Let’s have a look at some carpets. Perhaps, Khun Kamon could ride on a magic carpet … to meet Khun Aladdin. … I will show you the world … Carpets in Nepal are handmade with high quality. The traditional designs of the carpets in Nepal … were influenced by Buddhism. The carpets for sale here … some are from … as far as Kashmir, Afghanistan, … and other countries in Central Asia. Namaste! Today we woke up early in the morning. We have come to worship the stupa of Boudhanath. ดวงตาแห่งเนปาล

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