S Nuraeni || Felt Gerbera – #DIY How to Make Gerbera Daisy Felt Flowers – (English Sub)

Hi! Welcome to S Nuraeni channel. A channel serving a variety of attractive felt flower tutorials that you can practice it by yourself. Do not go anywhere.. Stay tuned. If you find it useful. Please support! By clicking the subscribe button below And activate the notification bell so you will not miss the other attractive felt flower tutorials. How to make gerbera daisy felt flowers. Okay, let’s start… Fold into two Then cut without break. Like this. Give glue. Then roll to the wire. Do the same way as before. Give glue. And stick it. Do the previous step. The size is 2 x 17 cm. Cut each corner. Then fold into two. Cut without break. Make it into 24 parts. Cut each corner. To form the gerbera felt flower. Make the bottom part tidy. Give glue evenly on it. Then stick the petals. And give a space when attaching it. Do the same step for other petals. This step and size are similar to the previous one. Give glue evenly. Then stick the petal. Repeat the previous step. Stretch a bit the end side of the petal. Cut each corner. Then cut without break. And make it into 16 parts. Cut each corner. Then stretch a bit the end side. Wrap the tissue to the wire. Then wrap the floral tape. Done. Thank you for watching. See you later in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE…

8 thoughts on “S Nuraeni || Felt Gerbera – #DIY How to Make Gerbera Daisy Felt Flowers – (English Sub)

  1. Sangat mengispirasi, trmkasih kak.
    Kak itu gunting khusus buat flanel ya? Beda dri gunting biasanya?..

  2. Assalamu'alaikum
    Kk makasih banget tutorialnya.. suka banget😍.. kereeeen..
    Oh ya kak tulis juga warna kain flanelnya dong di videonya.. Biar gak bingung sama warnanya hhehe

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