Rozzie Dates: 4 Businesses Featuring Valentine’s Day Specials in Roslindale Village

Hi everyone, my name is Silvana and I am
here today to talk with Bryan. Each month we focus on a particular
style of the month. This helps us to have a different focus
each month on a different beer for customers to try. With Valentine’s Day, we
put together a 12-pack, six different beers, made to share of some Valentine
themed beers, which we’ve also done for Oktoberfest, Christmas and other other
types of events. Why do you keep your business in Roslindale. We’ve got the
right mix of customers, folks are moving to Roslindale, families and in particular
for me folks who are interested in craft beer. Especially being in the Roslindale Substation, folks have emotional ties or remember this building as kids
being closed and boarded up for so long and now they have a chance to come
inside and see it revitalized and it’s all very exciting, whether they’re
interested in craft beer or not. We make wedding flowers and any floral item that
you need and sympathy flowers. We have mixed bouquets and then we have
the roses, you know a lot of the red roses, a lot of the
fellows want those. It started with my father, he started the business over 70
years ago. 70 years? Yep ,a long time. Well my father lived in Roslindale
and we grew up in Roslindale and I still live in Roslindale and you know we
always like Roslindale. So that’s why we picked it then we have the nice park,
we can look out and see. What sets you apart from other businesses that offer a
similar product or service? Well we do a lot of delivery you know, we
don’t refuse anybody and will even stay later at night sometimes if the
people aren’t home. A lot of the young girls are working, so we don’t leave them on
the doorstep, especially with the cold weather.
That’s great customer service. So what is your favorite part about owning your flower shop? I think making up the arrangements and
the flowers and designing them. I love going into the flower market and when
you go in there and you see all the colors, that cheers you up and you feel
happy. And I’d like putting things together and making different
arrangements and you know, I really enjoy the flower business. We are an Italian restaurant, we specialize in seafood and pasta and we we make
everything in-house, gnocci, Bolognese, but mostly pasta, we do duck and fish and
veal but mostly Italian specialty. What happens here that you think most people
don’t know about? How much work that goes into this. Noel gets here at 12
o’clock in the afternoon and we leave at 11 o’clock at night, every day. We
actually pick up our own produce, pick up our own fish, make our own pasta. So if
you don’t love the food, you can’t work here because you’ll stand out. That you
don’t belong, you can’t just go through the motions. (You have to be a part of it.) Yeah. Really that’s the most difficult part of this business is
finding people that are as passionate as we are.
Well, usually for Valentine’s Day, we take reservations and we’ll have a special
dessert and a couple of special entrees. We’re gonna have a malted
chocolate cake for dessert. And we’re gonna have a crab cake for appetizer. And then probably gonna have a veal chop. Grill it with a demi-glaze sauce, stuffing with
fontina cheese, prosciutto and creamy risotto, with mushroom and a little bit
of truffle oil. several pieces of grilled asparagus in it.
Then, of course, we’ll have a fish specialty of the night, but it all
depends on what’s fresh. So not all fish is available at all times, so in February
depending on the weather, you see it’s very cold right now, so certain
fish is unavailable. Here at Shanti, we strive to provide great Indian cuisine.
My husband who first opened the Dorchester location in ’99, quite some time
ago. And I’d like to say like that I’ve been married into this. And then we used
to always come to Roslindale Square for brunch. We’ve always really liked the feel of the Square because of how diverse it is. Options like the cheese shop or wine shop, so we always felt like, “Oh
this this Square needs an Indian restaurant.” So we’ve always kept an
eye out on an opportunity for space and when this space came available,
we jumped on it. It’s the month of February,
what special do you have going on? Right, we’re dedicated to like
Valentine’s Day. One of the things that we do here is, we do a lot of
specials along with our a la carte menu. Being in this
neighborhood, you not only get a lot of couples but you also get a lot of
families who come to celebrate. And one of the things with our food, it’s kind of
a comfort food. So when you come in, you want to have a special, decadent,
special for Valentine’s Day, but then you also want to have your favorite
dish and feel that warmth and love. Do you suggest reservations? Yes, for
for holidays, Valentine’s Day we have reservations that we’re taking, 5
o’clock, 7 o’clock, 9 o’clock. Kind of just to make sure that there’s enough space for everyone and then that when you know guests are coming and
they’re not having to wait too long Thanks everyone for watching and if
you’d like to see more videos from Roslindale Village Main Street, please click Subscribe.

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