Riders of Icarus – Cherry Blossom Event ! ( Kiraz Festivali )

hi everyone my name is Sinem today we
will talk about cherry blossom event if you watched my streams you already know
I have a sakura picture on my wall and I love them they are everywhere in Hakain’s Crossing
okay so event duration isn’t very specific at the patch notes
but we will have it until the next maintenance first you will visit event
npc in hakains crossing you will collect cherry blossom petals around
sadly we can’t see them on mini-map but GM Phoebe shared their location thanks Iskars
for letting me know I totally miss it you should join official game discord
by the way community is really helpful so you go around and collect 10
cherry blossom petals you can also change channel if you can’t find any
petals after you collect 10 just go to the
event NPC and receive your cherry blossom origami you can do the quest
again two more times so you will get three cherry blossoms origami daily now let’s check event rewards there
isn’t many appealing rewards for old players but for new players I’m sure
they will like the mark boxes and poyo familiar skin a lot it looks so cute as
you can see thanks the Dyatra for modeling pink plush letonsia is rideable
with six people normally it’s a shop bought mount but there you can have it
with the event legendary mount scroll is good if you want to complete beastiary
fast i show several times how to use it in my old videos single stone extractors
are always useful when you want to use your old seals in your new items so
that’s it i hope this video is helpful to you i
will see you next time take care bye

6 thoughts on “Riders of Icarus – Cherry Blossom Event ! ( Kiraz Festivali )

  1. I heard mount scroll doesn't make ur pet added to beastiary guys , so it will only make ur pet mount but it wont count in beastiary sadly :/

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