Real Flowers in Glass [HD]

TEMCO’s preserved flowers in glass containers Only the finest and best flowers are handpicked at large plantations. Flowers that do not reach our high level of quality are easily discarded. The finest flowers are brought into the factory, so that they can be treated with care, avoiding dust and other outside influences. When the flowers are treated properly, they are sealed into air tight boxes. These boxes are placed in a drying room until the flowers are completely dried out. After the process of drying and cleaning is finished, they are put together to become beautiful decorations. Everything done to the flowers once they are in the glass container is done by hand. After the flowers have been put together, all the dust is removed by wiping it off and by hitting the glass jar with a rubber hammer. This also checks the glue quality on the handmade glass containers. When all the particles of dust are gone, the lid is tightened and glued stuck. All of the glass surfaces are then polished. The finished decorations are packed in bubble wrapping and then into a nice white carton, before being put into outer cartons for transporation safety. These are real flowers that will keep both shape, colour and beauty for at least 3 years. Real flowers, preserved in glass.
Handmade in Thailand.

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