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[ HUMMING ] There you go my little friends, eat up! [ CHEEP SOUND ] They sure are hungry. [ CHEEP SOUND ] Particularly that one. You’re right. No, no, I know you’re hungry, but
you mustn’t eat all the grain yourself. It’s important to share with your brothers and sisters, understand? [ CHEEP SOUND ] Okay, then. GO FAST !!! Much better. See how happy your sister is? Enjoy your supper everyone! BuByee.. [ CHEEP SOUND ] I got a message from my cousin, her name is Uma She wants to borrow my favorite bangles for her birthday celebration, I have to give Oh, aren’t they beautiful, Libro? [ Libro nods ] They’re so shiny. I love the way
they sparkle in light! What a pretty sound! I love the sound they make, too! Last time I wore them, it was my birthday, remember? That was such fun. I’d be so sad if she borrowed my
absolute, most favorite bangles Maybe it’s better to be safe here now What do you think? It’s not a bad idea. But it’s not a great idea either. What are my dazzle land friends up to, I wonder? Doozle, deezle, dazzle, whoosh! Wow! Looks like Yip’s having fun! Hi Bommi !! Bye Bommi!!! Good to see you too, Yip. Ha-haa Hi Bommi! Yip, wait! I can’t ! I’m having too much fun!
Bye Bommi! Yippee !!!! Hey Taco! Hi, Bommi. Oh No..Now, why’re you so sad? Hooo… Hi Guys !!! That’s why. Yip’s making you sad!? But he’s
having so much fun! I know, I want have some fun too,
but he won’t let me have a turn. Yahoooo !!! Hey Yip, wait a sec. Won’t you let Taco have a turn? Of course! Really ? As soon as I’m done! Uhhh-hh Why he doing this? You see? It’s been like that all
day. I’m going to go find the other. I’ll come with you Taco. He is doing this for his happiness, Dont mistake him “Yippee!!!” He-he Heyyy heyy-eyyy ooovv Oh my, what’s going on at Maya’s house!? What Happend? I don’t know, Come let’s go! ok Maya! Maya! Where are you… Whoa! Bommi! Sorry! What happened!? Was there a fire? No, no. Everything’s fine! It’s just… let’s go outside, shall we? Come Because its Smoky Haaaa – Haaaa !! Okey [ Cough ] [ Cough ] Wow, Maya, is that a new invention? Yes it is. It’s my Perpetual Motion Swing. Ahhh? What are you talking about? That means you can swing forever if you want to, without exerting any effort! Want to try it? Sure. Come Aren’t the swing seats too close together? Yes… if you were going to swing
forwards and backwards. If it is, Wont they clash each other? Sure, It will clash Ready? I’ll give you a push you first. [ Laughing Sound ] This is great Maya! [ Laughing Sound ] Whoo hoo! Maya’s a genius! If I were a genius, I’d be able to
cook a batch rainbow-zzles. Yummm, I love rainbow-zzles! Is that where the rainbow colored
smoke came from? I thought I’d figured out the recipe for these special Dazzle Land cookies, but clearly I need to rethink it. Doesn’t Remba have a great recipe for rainbow-zzles? I asked her for it, but she said it was a secret and couldn’t possibly share it with me. So, I’ll just have to figure it out myself! Well, it looks like the sky has cleared in my kitchen! Back to the ol’ drawing board! Uh, Maya? Yes? Before you get back to work, would you please stop us? [ Laugh Sound ] I wonder why the recipe’s a secret? I don’t know, but I bet that Maya will figure it out. Probably, but I still don’t understand why Remba wouldn’t share it. Well, Come let’s ask her rainbow-zzles! This is maybe the most delicious food I have ever tasted! Thank you so much Bommi! I couldn’t have made them as quickly without the help of Boris. All I did was mix what Remba told me to mix. All good cooks need good assistants. And good recipes! Poor Maya is at her house trying to figure out the rainbow-zzle recipe right now! Good luck to her. Why is it such a secret? Well, if everyone knew it, then it wouldn’t be my special treat now would it? Ahhh !!!! Hey a dazzle! Let’s check it out everyone! [ Laugh ] Wow, what beautiful colors! Looks like some kind of rainbow dazzle! Ahh, it got lot of colours I see red, orange, yellow, green, and violet. But I don’t see the colors blue or indigo and those are rainbow colors too. Maybe they’re… flowers! Certainly flowers come in different colors! And different shapes! Whatever this dazzle is, it’s going to be beautiful. Everyone ready? Doozle, deezle, dazzle, whoosh! [ Laughing ] Wait, Lets think what it is ? I love red roses! Cool! Wow, its so beautiful [ Laughing ] Strange, I don’t see a vase for Remba. I don’t either. Maybe the dazzle… made a mistake? You can share my flowers, Remba! Thanks, Boris. [ Laughing ] It’s all so pretty! Mmmm! And the smell is wonderful, too! The most fragrant flower I’ve ever smelled is the lotus flower. They grow in shallow pools near where I live. Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? { What it would be ? } That’s a tulip. Holland is a country that is well-known for its tulips… Though I bet Holland’s tulips don’t leave streaks of color in the air like this! The world would certainly be a lot
duller place without flowers! We have to save some flowers for Maya. Well, there are six flowers in each
vase. If I give half mine to Yip… That’s three, right? Correct! And if Taco gives three to Maya… … And I give three to Remba, we’ll all have three flowers! [ Hi5 ] [ Laughing ] I’m still confused about why Remba
didn’t get a dazzle vase? I think I know. Why? Well, sharing your flowers made me realize that sharing is something that makes friendships even stronger. And not sharing can make it more difficult. Like not sharing a silly recipe! You know, I think I better visit Maya, see if I can lend her a hand! Remba, wait! Why don’t you take
these flowers to her? Good idea. And why don’t the three of us go find Yip and share the rest of the flowers with him! Lets do this … Let’s play by ourselves some more.
I’m sure Yip’s fine. Why don’t we go find out? I don’t think he’ll like the flowers anyway… Of course he will! I doubt it. Tacooooooo What? You know what. You’re still upset about Yip not sharing the skateboard. Well, wouldn’t you be if you were me? I would. However, not sharing the flowers won’t make it any better, but… Sharing the flowers might! Remember what Remba just said: sharing makes friendships stronger. Come lets go… [ Humming ] oh its getting bad Oops !! Oh no, What is this ? Hi, Maya. Oh, Remba. Hi. I brought you some dazzle flowers for you! How kind of you. I also wanted to give you a hand with the rainbow-zzles… that is, if you wanted me to. I mean, it looks like you’ve got all the right ingredients except one. Oh Really? Yeah. You still need a pinch of
the secret bozzle spice… Oh. …Which I happen to have right here. Thank you so much Ahhh, i have understood , hmmmm.. I’m sorry I didn’t share my recipe with you earlier. It was silly of me to keep a secret like that from a friend like you. [ Laughing ] Then let’s bake a batch together. Sounds like a plan! But first let’s put those dazzle flowers in some water! Hmmmmmm – Hmm Oh well… There you are! I was getting a little sad that everyone had left me. We wouldn’t have left if you’d shared the skateboard. But I was having so much fun! Yip, don’t you want Taco to have fun, too? Of course! Then next time take turns, then you both get to use the skateboard and you both have fun! And no one will leave you to find something else to do. Sounds like sharing’s a good thing to do with friends. Yes it is. For me !? [ Laughing ] Yippee! Thank you Taco! [ Laughing ] Wow! Did you see that!? Did you see that!? Watch this! Ohhh- ohhh He is rocking [ Laughing ] Isn’t Beautiful? [ Laughing ] A multi-colored Yip! Hooray! Everyone’s here! And the two chef’s ready with Remba’s
famous rainbow-zzles! Maya’s famous rainbow-zzles. A special dish for all of us from maya Superb [ Laughing ] Wow, its awesome I’ve never seen one that… glowed. Well, I accidentally sprinkled some of the sparkle from the dazzle flowers on the batch before baking. [ Laughing Continues ] I think you’ve discovered another secret ingredient that makes the rainbow-zzles better than any I’ve ever made! Thanks, Remba… though it’s not much of a secret if everyone knows it! [ Laughing ] Hey! A dazzle! A dazzle! [ Laughing Continues ] It’s a skateboard ramp! Yippee, thats a skateboard ramp But why have a skateboard ramp here, when you’ve been riding down Yellow Mountain over there all day? It could be like Maya’s Perpetual
Motion Swing! Really? How so? Let’s pull the dazzle and find out! Everyone ready!? Yeahhhh Doozle, deezle, dazzle, whoosh! You’re right Bommi — it is fun to watch my friends have fun, too! Oh, Atleast you understand now [ Laughing ] Oh my, what a colorful adventure! And I learned something too. What did you learn? That sharing makes friendships even stronger. You know what? I will like these bangles even more if Uma wears them. Why? Why? Because she will look so beautiful with them on, and that will make her happy. And to see my lovely cousin happy will make me happy, too. [ Laughing ]

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