Pruning Mango Tree Flowers For Faster Growth | तेजी से विकास के लिए आम के पेड़ के फूलों की छंटाई

Hi Friends, I Akshay Surwase, welcome you all to my youtube channel KrushiFly. Today, I will discuss a very important point related to mango trees growth. The flowering has started on some of my mango trees. My trees are 1.5 year old. They are small. Therefore we don’t want to take flower on our plants. If your plants are small & flower comes, then you need to cut them. Because if the flowers stay on the plants then your plant will not grow. You can see this mango plant has got flowers. & these small beans like thing will convert into big mangoes. Since our plant is small we don’t want to keep this flower. & this is very important. Because if flower converts into mango & mango increases in size, then the height of the tree will not increase All the food prepared by the leaves is given to the mango fruit for its growth So new branches will not come till there are mangoes on small plant like this. Or there will be less new branches & plants growth will stop. Plant will utilize all its energy in feeding the mango fruit. Mango fruit takes around to 2 to 3 months to mature, till this duration the plants growth will stop. Last year I kept few mangoes on some plants. Their height din’t increase till the mangoes were hanging on them. Therefore, till the time your plants don’t develop properly, avoid flowering on them. I will cut this flower with the help of my cutter. Now new branches will start coming from this area consisting of bud. as they don’t have to feed the the mango fruit. From here new branches will come, hence plant will grow faster. In this way you will also have to cut the flowers if your plants are small. For your family consumption, you can keep some fruits. Next day, spray some fungicide on the plant to protect it from any disease. I have made a separate video for fungicide spray. I will share the link in” I ” button. Check that video. Till that time apply some soil available near the roots on the cut portion. Then spray the next day. This is another plant, look how beautiful it is looking. But sadly we have to eliminate the flowers since the plant is small. I hope you like this video. & it will be an add on information for maintaining your plant. Do like the video & subscribe to our channel KrushiFly. Bye!

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