Prom Flowers for YA Characters! | with Misa Sugiura 🌹

I’m Misa Sugiura, and I’m the author
of This Time Will Be Different. Flowers can be used in a lot of different
ways, they have their own language and their own symbolism. So I’m gonna tell you some
popular YA characters and the flowers that I would give them. [MUSIC] To Starr Carter from The Hate U Give, I would give oak leaves for
strength and bravery. And crepe myrtle for eloquence,
and black-eyed Susans for justice. [MUSIC] So the prom flowers that I would give to
Leah from Leah on the Offbeat are oak leaf geranium, which stands for
true friendship. And that’s something
that Leah really values. I would also put in primrose lilac for
confidence, which is something that she wants more of. And finally, cilantro for concealed merit, because she has this talent that she’s
kind of not really showing everybody. [MUSIC] So to Jane from Dread Nation, I would
give oak leaves for strength and bravery. And sycamore leaves for
curiosity, because she’s, always needs to find out what’s going on. And moss for maternal affection, cuz that
she seems to really be missing her mother. [MUSIC] To Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve
Loved Before, I would give lilacs for innocence, because she’s just sort
of this sweet, innocent character. I would give her hazel leaves for peace,
because I feel like all she wants is for everyone to get along,
and everything to go well. And finally, I would give her holly, for
domestic happiness because she likes to cook, and bake and do all those things,
the crafty things at home. [MUSIC] To Mariko from Flame in the Mist, I would give wild plum blossoms for
independence. There’s a flower called white dianthus,
and that’s for ingenuity, because she basically invents the throwing
star, the ninja throwing star. And I would finally give her
a chrysanthemum for Japanese royalty. [MUSIC] To Jamie from It’s Not Like It’s a Secret, I would give statice, which is
a little purple flower, for loyalty. Mountain laurel, for ambition, and there’s a flower that’s actually
called honesty, for her honesty. [MUSIC] To CJ from This Time Will Be Different, I would give hazel, for
reconciliation and peace. And primrose lilacs, for confidence, and white violets, which stand for,
take a chance on love. [MUSIC]

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