Premium Aluminum Pollen Press with “T-Press” Style One-Piece Handle

Hey friends and family, how we doing? Eric Robichaud from Green Goddess Supply Today I want to show you a brand new product that we just got in stock. It’s our Pollen T- Press With a nice Green Goddess logo at the bottom. It is a hefty, high quality, durable piece. Made of aluminum and stainless steel. With a really nice silky powder-coat finish. And what you do is… if you got our sifter box For example. Which we have another video for that you can check out. It’s a wooden sifter box, that you put your bud in and sift and shake it and you get your pollen in the bottom. This will allow you to scrape up that pollen and put it into the chamber here at the bottom. You unscrew the cap. Put your pollen in the bottom here. Add the disc. And the lid. And you can basically… turn the handle and press your pollen. Unscrew it. And you will end up getting a hash disc that’s pretty much looks like this but obviously made of pollen. That you can then use and break off and smoke. A fantastic companion to the wooden sifter box. Check it out online… for the Pollen T-Press.

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