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Hello. This is Michelle Phelan, nutritionist
at Blossom Bariatrics, where expertise meets true compassion. We’re always here for you
before, during, and after your weight loss surgery procedure–because it’s the after
that’s the most important part. Folks, today we’re going to talk about those “Gotta Do
‘Ems.” Those are the things you have to do every day for the rest of your life to ensure
your health and happiness after bariatric surgery. The first thing that we need to focus
on every day is making sure you get your protein–at least 64 ounces of protein a day, at least.
A little bit more never hurts. So, the best way to do that is start your day with protein.
The next thing I always tell our patients to do–and this is one of the things that
I suggest every day–is to have three bites of your protein and then one bite of your
vegetables, and this way it ensures that you’re getting adequate amounts of protein every
day and every meal. The next thing I always, always recommend is take your supplements
every day. This is so important for so many things; malnutrition is only the beginning.
So, it’s so important to take your supplements every day. The next thing, of course, one
of those other “Gotta Do ‘Ems” is make sure you drink your fluids, folks, at least 64
ounces of water or sugar-free alternatives every day. Remember the 80/20% rule. 80% should
be pure filtered water and 20% can be other sugar-free fluid choices. Some more “Gotta
Do ‘Ems” is exercise 5 times a week–at least 30 minutes every time. Also make sure to you
use your stomach as the tool that it was designed to be. Your stomach will tell you, or your
pouch will tell you, when you’re full. Maintain healthy food choices. Folks, just eat real
food–whole foods that you have to prepare and cook. Plan your meals ahead of time. Take
your lunches with you to work. And always use whey protein or whey protein smoothies
or shakes as a replacement if you cannot get a meal in. Folks, here’s a “Blossom Bite.”
To make sure you’re getting in your 64 ounces of fluid or water a day, download for free
on your smart phone the Hy app. H-Y app. That application helps you set timers for when
your next water intake should be and it counts how many ounces each time that you’re actually
getting. It’s a wonderful application. It works on smart phones and iPhones. I highly
recommend it. It’s called the Hy app. H-Y and then app. Make sure to visit our website
at for other information or if you have any additional questions. Until
next time here’s to a healthier, happier you.

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