Pollination lesson with stop motion science animation for kids

[Music start] Stop motion Stop motion science [Music ends] doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, Hey! I am here to make some seeds. I wish I had some Pollen. Doo-doo doo-doo
doo-doo doo-doo Hey, I got some pollen! Check it out! Can I have some? You bet, come and get it. Well we’ve got a little problem. What? I can’t walk. Oh, right, neither can I. [Both sigh] If only there was someone who could pick
up your pollen, and bring it over here. to me [Babies crying] Can’t you hear my babies crying? They’re hungry! They need pollen for food! The workers are hungry too. We need nectar to make honey for them. Go get me some pollen and nectar! A-as you wish, you’re majesty. [Babies stop crying] [Buzzing] Hey what’s up flower dudes? Hey, Bee. Oh yeah, hey Bee! Like, why are you guys acting so weird? Well you see, wee need some help from somebody with wings. I got wings What can I do you for? Well my friend here needs a little bit of my pollen. But I can’t walk, and he can walk. Do you think you could take some of my pollen, and deliver it over there to him. Well sure, but I need some pollen too. Could I have a little bit? Sure, there’s enough for all! [Laughing starts] That tickles! [Laughing stops] Hey, thanks Bee! Now I’ve been pollinated. Pretty soon, I’ll be making some seeds. Hey, you know, I need a little nectar too. You guys got any of that sweet juicy nectar for me? Well sure, we made some just for you. Take all you want. Hey, now I’ve been pollinated too! Thanks Bee. Everybody happy? Yeah, I’d say that was mutually beneficial for all of us. Later, flower dudes. Later Bee. [Music starts] Stop motion. Stop motion science.

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