Pollen-Pistil Interaction – Reproduction in Plants – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter Reproduction in plants in that we are studying topic Pollen Pistil Interaction when I say pollen pistil interaction it means the ability of the pollen grain to go inside the stigma, stigma is also called as mr. how pollen means go inside the stigma and interact with each other today we’ll be studying back. Pollen Pistil interaction what is this Pollen Pistil Inreraction during the process of fertilization we all have started that the pollen grain which is present inside and anthor go inside stigma style and ovary so during this process of possible pollen grains through stigma stylin over thee then is a second interaction that takes place and this interaction is pollen pistil interaction so let us see what this pollen pistil interaction is whenever pollen grain goes through stigma the whole passage large number of colonies will be going through the stigma the whole dresses now there comes a narrow passage and this narrow passage is through which there is a production of sugary substance and this sugary substance is which a pollen grain come into context and now the pollen grain will interact with this sugary substance and will collide and move towards the egg or the consider female gametophyte this is nothing but poland distal infraction so the ability of the stigma or we can see the pistol to accept or reject a pollen grain due to continuous interactions between foley and the pistol or stigma is nothing but foreign Christian trash and the major role that is played by is the sugary substance which is produced instead along with that this sugary substance increases the secretion or you can say it makes the pollen grains more in time or xn so that it can walk or glide away towards the female gametophyte and during the process of double fertilization pull it when the still interaction place of white Andrew since we all know that during double fertilization there are two male gametes to do pollen pistil interaction while male gametes fuses with the egg cell well is another male gamete forms the endosperm or you can say the nutrition value provides nutrition to the growing gametophyte polycrystal interactions and really very less in hydrophilic plants or plants which grow under water in simple language pollen pistil interaction means interaction between the stigma and a pollen grain the ability of the stigma or pistol or female gametophyte to accept what of the check the pollen grain is due to continuous interaction between the pollen grain the mill example to find another pistol or we can say the female passage or sting the process of pollen pistil interaction basically starts when pollen grains forms on the stigma for the female part and this folding of pollen grains on stigma during the process of fertilization induces the formation of a sugary substance or a back sealing substance on the stigma or near the face of stigma due to the absorption of this sugary substance by the pollen grains there in time and exam now when I talk word intend and exam these are both the coverings of pollen grains they both swell up and they produce the jumper and Poland – and we all know the jumper and Poland group are the two pathways or the passages through which put the male gametophyte or both the pollen grains Tavel into the egg paratus where the process of further fertilization will be taking place so in this way pulling this to me interaction enhances the process of fertilization or it keeps the process of fertilization on track when there are lots of pollen grains they’re doing process of fertilization students in this part of the chapter we have studied about pollen pistil interaction I hope you are clear with the concept of Poland Esther interaction thank you

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