Pollen & Nectar: Why Are They Important?

♪♪ Have you ever wondered
what the fine yellow powder
in flowers is? That’s pollen, and plants use
it for reproduction. Most flowers need help moving
the pollen from one flower
to another, This is where pollinators
come in. When certain insects or animals
visit a flower, some of the
pollen sticks to them. When they visit the next flower,
it rubs off onto the stigma
or the female part. Once a flower has been
pollinated, it can produce seeds
and fruits. Bees are one of the most
efficient pollinators because
they visit so many flowers
while searching for food. Bees also love eating pollen
because it is packed with
protein! Plants know they need the help
of pollinators so they developed
a way of attracting them, With nectar! Nectar is a sugary water that
provides a lot of energy for
pollinators in search of food. Plants have different ways of
“advertising” their nectar to
specific pollinators, Like the colour and shape
of the flowers. Some flowers are deep and
narrow to accommodate the
hummingbird’s long tongue as it
hovers in flight. Other flowers have landing pads
to allow butterflies to land and
drink the nectar using their
straw like tongues. But no matter how plants
advertise as a pollinator drinks
that sugary goodness, their
bodies also pick up pollen and carry it to the next flower
they drink from. So basically, nectar attracts
the pollinators, who then help
move the pollen from one flower
to another, allowing fruits and
seeds to grow. But there’s a problem,
pollinators are losing their
food sources. And this isn’t just a problem
for the bees. We need the help of these
pollinators if we want to keep
producing many of the foods
we like to eat. The good news is it’s not too
late for you to help
feed the bees. Visit plantsomethingbc.ca to
learn how to plant a
bee friendly garden, and help provide pollen
and nectar for bees. ♪♪

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