Pollen Menace in Srinagar Leading To Respiratory Ailments

With the advent of Spring season, people throughout Srinagar suffer from allergies induced by pollen grains that are produced from Russian Poplar trees. Play fields of educational institutions usually grow these trees. Such trees shouldn’t be planted which can prove harmful for health and on the environment alike. Evergreen plants and flower saplings can be planted instead. These pollen cause throat and chest infections, and at times the pollen get into one’s mouth while speaking. What do you request the authorities to do? We request the authorities to cut down such trees and plant those varieties only which won’t cause any problems for us. These poplar trees emanate a whole lot of pollens. Instead, the Chinar trees, Evergreen plants or Deodar trees can be planted here. That way not only the pollution can be checked but also this mess wouldn’t occur. It’s better to plant other types of trees here. These Poplar trees shouldn’t be planted in Universities and Colleges. I request the viewers to call Deputy Commissioner Srinagar and pressurize him to cut Russian Poplar trees in Bemina Degree college. I am Nadiya Shafi from Srinagar for Kashmir Unheard.

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