Pollen Master

Hi, I’m Sita with Pollen Master. Today we’re
at Pacific Northwest Garden Supply in Surrey in Green Planet, and I’m showing the Pollen
Master line of products. We have four Pollen Masters in different sizes.
This is the P150. It does 150 grams per cycle. We have the P500, 500 grams; P1500, 1,500
grams. Each machine is run by a 12-volt power supply. It has an on/off switch and a fuse.
The drum inside is made of NDF, and it has a metal door. Today we are using lavender
to make flower essences. Each drum is available with a regular screen
at 150 microns, a 125 screen refined, and a coarse screen at 185 microns. The way it works is that you put your plant
material in the drum, just add the lid. You can see that those magnets are very strong.
The drum fits into the clutch and rests on the other side and you simply switch it on.
In 5 minutes, you can harvest your first plant essences.

5 thoughts on “Pollen Master

  1. The price is way to high. A plastic bin, A screen enclosed tumbler and a motor. 100s of dollars, get real.

  2. How long is it gonna take people to realize they only prove their lack of knowledge when they call keif pollen. Two completely different things.

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