Play Doh Fun Creations Rainbow, CupCake, Flowers & More |#ShrutiArjunAnand #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Today we’ll have fun playing with awesome toys if you too love to play with colourful play doughs so hit this video to 50,000 Likes and also do SUBSCRIBE to our channel as our jodi is back again after such a long time so smash that Like button if you like our Jodi and enjoy the video now today we’ll be playing with this funskool play kit its comes with 60+ pieces so here we’ve 10 different colourful play doughs I love these colours then we’ve got 16 cutters of different shapes and we’ve got 36 alphabets and numbers wow kids can learn too from this also we’ve got 6 cute stampers need to fix this stamp like this you need to put your play dough in it lets share with all how to do collector’s guide is provided in it so must read this information leaflet or collector’s guide to know about the different ways to play with that particular toy now I can’t wait anymore the colour of cap indicates you the colour of that dough here I am going to make guitar I’ll make some food stuff so as to use more tools don’t try to hold it with your fingers as if you do so this it will deform from its shape so do like this using knife still its not ready I wanna to decorate it more meanwhile I make maggi here could you give me your maggi?? only one loop its looking nice Guitar is ready so lets sing a song now now I’ll show how many different thing we can make using this Extruder first I’ll show how you can get long slices from it am using this knife to cut it now will make star shape its looking like whipped cream it something looks like wavy lets try some more shape with the remaining stampers first roll the dough well here we’ve number of alphabets so what we should make?? now lets assemble these so both we had so much creating so many things we enjoyed a lot making these amazing things if you too have enjoyed then hit Like

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