Plan With Me – Happy Planner: Watercolor Flowers | DASHBOARD Layout | Mini Happy Planner 2020

hi guys welcome back again for another
plan with me video and today we are gonna be decorating a mini dashboard
layout using the flowers sticker book from the happy planner so let’s get
started first of all I will use my trusty wax paper to prearrange the
flowers that I will be using in my spread which are these beautiful
watercolor florals in all of these red and pink tones and even some purpley
tones they’re really beautiful and I just couldn’t wait any longer to use
them so I’m finally putting them in to good use and as you can see I started
pulling out all of these paper flowers specifically the ones with the 90
degrees angle since they are already perfectly cut for us to use in the
corners of our page or our boxes and because this is a smaller spread this is
gonna be perfect because that way I can leave some space
in the middle of the spread to write down anything for that week and like I
mentioned I am pulling out only the ones in the white paper and not in the ones
in the clear paper cuz that is gonna make things easier for me this time
around I have some colored blocks in this page already that I will want to
cover up I certainly won’t want those colors peeking through my stickers and
my flowers cuz I feel like they are not gonna look their best
if that happens so the flowers in the white sticker paper are the best in this
case at least for me personally and as you can see I am placing them so that
they look like they are coming from off the page I feel like this is a beautiful
look even more with these water colored flowers because they almost look like
part of the page but let me know in the comments if you are a clear sticker
paper team or white sticker paper team I feel like both have a different effect and
each one is the best in different cases but overall I personally think I prefer
the white sticker paper because I find it a little easier to work with because
again nothing peeks through it so yeah but let me know in the comments which
one do you prefer and also subscribe if you haven’t and
hit in the like button if you are liking this spread so far
I was already enjoying my spreads using all of the flowers stickers from the
happy planner and now with spring coming up I just cannot wait to go crazy
over all of the flowers so I really hope you are enjoying them as well because
again more are coming so right and now I am going to be adding a bit more of
color to the right page using my tombow marker and I will be using a purpley
color because as you can see I didn’t completely cover the color in the other
page so I felt like I needed a bit more of that color in the spread to balance
everything out and what I did was to simply go with my brush marker and add a
tiny bit of color to the days of the week at the end I went off camera and I
went over each and day again with the same color just because it was a little
lighter than I wanted it to be but I feel like this adds a little something
to spread again a little more of color and detail so lately I have been
enjoying to do that in my dashboard spreads and there are a few colors that
you can combine these flowers with but I personally decided to combine them with
not only the purple color that is already in my pages but also with gold
and with hot pink because I feel like there are some hot pinks in the flowers
so I decided to bring out a bit more of that color throughout the rest of the
spread and as you notice I also used some beautiful gold
foil in my spread as well by the way did you guys get the flowers sticker
books bundle from the happy planner so far I have not because it’s a little
pricey and I already have this sticker book so the other one that I liked the
most and that I would be most interested in was the detailed flowers so I will
wait a little bit and hopefully they will release it in the stores at some
point I think they are already bringing in the gardening sticker books to
Walmart but again and the one that I really really wanted so badly was the
detailed flowers so I’ll keep patiently waiting for it now back into
my spread again I am adding some labels from my colorful boxes sticker book
from the happy planner also and I normally do not tend to add these to the
weekly side of my dashboard spread because I like having as much space
to write over there as I possibly can but I wasn’t sure how else to decorate
this side so I decided to just give them a try this a week so I’ll see
how much I like that once I actually start using the spread throughout in the
week and other than that I simply re-punched my pages on the sides where there were
any flowers covering the holes and I also added a tiny bit of washi tape on
some places that I felt like they were still a little too empty and I feel like
that balanced out the spread really nicely and I really liked how that turned
out so I really hope you liked it as well
thank you all so much for watching and until next time take care guys bye

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