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Adventurer I need your aid How can I help? My wife passed away recently and I haven’t had time to visit the grave yard Could you please place these flowers on her grave stone for me Accept Good luck adventurer Good luck adventurer Good luck adventurer I miss my wife dearly *pathetic cry* That’s annoying okay ah Good luck adventurer Yeah okay can you just be quiet for a sec I’m just trying to pick up the flowers Good luck adventurer oo haha okay okay I miss my wife dearly Yeah I bet you do! Is that why you’re taking the flowers to her grave?! No didn’t think so. So shut the f*** up Good luck advenurer Good luck advent- I miss my w- Good luck advent- I miss Good luck adv- I miss I miss x2 Good x2 I miss – good luck You know what?! What is the reward again? If you take these flowers to her grave stone I’ll give you three copper I’m out Good luck adventurer! Did you guys know that we make more money from our patreon page than we do from youtube views Go over there and check out the number for yourself While you’re there consider a pledge

99 thoughts on “Picking up quest items in games – Flowers

  1. Im pretty sure this npc killed his wife, because now shes dead, and he he hasnt gone to the graveyard.

    Oh, pull out of frame a little, the graveyard is at the end of the road, i see it from here!

  2. How about this one: the grave is several miles away outside of town and there's tons of large hungry monsters around. how and why is the grave all the way out there? XDDD

    You could do something similar, I imagine. Or to mock Dragon Age Inquisition: "Bring Felandris to this hill" and Felandris isn't available until you get halfway through the game, when the quest was given in the beginning of it LOL.

  3. Not entirely accurate, because you would definite strafe around the flowers so that the npc wasnt directly behind, then try to pic them up, still not be able THEN bail

  4. I have loved the videos xd, an idea may be to see a npc full of armor, weapons, jewelry and when you kill it just gives you a shirt as a reward

  5. Watching these videos again and I'm always so bothered about that one strand of white hair growing out of his beard.

  6. Side Quest: Eugene needs your help again adventurer. His wife recently passed away and he hasn't had the time to visit the graveyard. Could you place some flowers by her grave stone.
    Quest Reward: 3 copper coins

  7. A better example would be the unobtainable crates in the witcher 3. I know there's loot inside i can "sense" it but no matter which signs I use, how many times I try to glitch through other crates, or jump repeatedly you can't get it.

  8. I don't bother with patreons that won't say what they make each month, especially when it is a very popular YouTube channel that isn't going to be hurting for the ad money.

  9. Guild Wars 2. WvW. Trying to select the flame ram that needs to be built which is placed on the location of a flame ram that is already built.

  10. So…man couldn't help save his wife from the fire and now the same adventurer has to bring the dang flowers to the grave….like this adventurere is too nice…just kill the npc with the fake cry 😂

  11. What an ass Eugene is I would kill him everytime I see him and like it. No hate to the actor he did a fucking awesome job making me hate his character lol

  12. Its really sad that Eugene has less self awareness than Baelin, considering Baelin has one line, no quests, and rarely interacts with the player, and yet Eugene seems to interact regularly with the player as a quest giver like Greg and Bodger does.

  13. He should've move a little to highlight the item only.
    I'm also struggling in this situation that I also try changing camera angle.

  14. Maybe, just maybe if he went to the grave he would meet some item like key or something that lead him to the hidden quest then he will unlock some hidden class, item,…. 😀 But well he missed that lol

  15. Holy shit, I'm crying laughing right now. I hope they didn't remap any of the wow classic quest targets so that everyone else can feel the pain.


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