Pharmacy Awards: It is the pollen season!

Have you been working on any pharmacy-related jokes? Yeah, I’ve started writing. I’ve started brainstorming. Basically, I’ve been going into pharmacies throughout Auckland and wider New Zealand and just trying to get them to give me free drugs. So that I can kind of write jokes about those various drugs, and um… It’s not working. I think I’ve ended up on a couple of registers. That’s fine. Miranda: What have you found so far in pharmacies that you’ve visited? A lot of hayfever medication! Miranda: It is that time of year. Rhys: It’s big business. Miranda: yeah! Rhys: Phwah! Miranda: Yeah, it’s the pollen season. Yeah! I need to leave this comedy game behind and get into pollen. Get into histamines! I don’t even know what histamines are! *Laughing* Miranda: I think it’s antihistamines. Anti? Antihistamine? No, I am PRO-histamine.That’s my edge in the market: hugely pro histamine!

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