Paper rose flower making easy | How to make crepe paper rose | DIY room decor ideas | Julia DIY

Paper rose flower making easy | How to make crepe paper rose | DIY room decor ideas | Julia DIY Flowers making | How to Make Rose Tissue Paper . Crepe paper flower making DIY rose paper – How to make paper flowers – Rose | Crepe paper rose flower How to Make Rose Tissue Paper Flowers Flower Making of Tissue Paper Paper Flower Tutorial | Crepe paper flowers tutorial |
Do it yourself Rose Paper – beautiful flowers | Hello friends. In this video how to make roses from paper easily and quickly These flowers can decorate the room, and you can give for the holiday – mother’s day, birthday Put likes, write comments, subscribe to the channel Take a newspaper, bamboo sticks Twist the newspaper onto a stick, glue it together. Cut off newspaper sticks from both sides Now take the colored paper, the dimensions are in cm Take the green paper, fold it and cut it as shown To unfold and twist the edges of the paper is the grass for the rose We take creme paper for a rose Slightly stretch the edge of the paper Now look and repeat Should be like this – a rose flower Take a newspaper tube and screw it on the rose itself, form a flower That the rose should be kept better – fixed with a thread Connect the grass to the flower fixed with a thread Take a narrow green crepe paper, trick the trunk of a rose flower A bouquet of roses is ready! handmade paper rose,
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