painting tutorial | step by step acrylic painting spring flowers for beginners

How to paint a spring yellow flower STEP1: For this acrylic painting I am using balck paper( fabriano). you can try on any paper, canvas or on wood. STEP2: First begin by sketching few outlines, it will help you in arranging the flowers and leaves on correct order. STEP3: begin by painting the stem using liner brush or flat brush STEP4: paint the leaves uisng flat brush or filbert brush STEP5: use a round brush to paint the flowers. follow the same methods for the rest of the flowers. you can add minor details using a liner brush 000 I hope you enjoy watching this painting demonstration.

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  2. Hi Very nice tutorial pls show behind the screen like ur camera, shooting, editing like that very curious to see

  3. Didi, do you know that this flower tree is at my school!!! And it bloomed now in summer. They in real life looks sooooo….preety!!😘

  4. Hi Renjitha, god bless you. You are such a wonderful artist. Your art work is amazing, but still you make the process look so simple. I'm inspired.

  5. i just recently stumbled upon your channel and glad i did! your flowers are amazing! you make it look so easy. what upsets me is, all the flowers you do i can make with cake frosting, but do you think i could do it with paint? OH HELL NO, lol , buy, i will keep trying till i can and i will keep watching your tutorials with enthusiasm. maybe one day it will come to me lol. GR8 JOB!!! thank you for sharing with us all.

  6. do you have a tutorial for our Texas Bluebonnet? this is the most popular in this BIG state of Texas. thank you again.

  7. പറയാൻ വാക്കുകൾ ഇല്ല മാഡം, അതിമനോഹരമായ ചിത്രം…

  8. Making this today! You had created this video at 51k sub in April 19, it's Aug 19 and 107k sub already!! Awesome progress and awesome painting skills!! Heartiest congratulations!!

  9. Terima kasih sudah berbagi ilmu. Apakah saya boleh minta koleksi foto lukisan karya nona Renjitha? Tuhan memberkatimu. Amin.

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