Painted Flowers – Prologue (Reanimated)

Gogo! When’s Mama gonna be back? Akello, she’s going hunting. It’ll be forever until she’s back. Your brother is right, little one. Hunting trips take a while; especially in this time year when prey is scarce. But we’re booored… Yeah! I don’t wanna be stuck in a cave while Mama does all the work. Your time will come. Enjoy your youth and innocence while it lasts. I’m old, and I’ve lived long and hard life. I’ve dealt with lies, and… awful animals… I’m hoping you cubs never have to experience what I’ve been through. I’m not saying my life was entirely made of hardships… There were plenty of great things that come out of it. Your mother, for example. You adopted her when she was just a cub, right? When she was our age! That’s right, I rescued her. Without us… she wouldn’t have survived. [Nzere] Are you gonna tell a story tonight? [Aliyah] Yeah! Tell a story! What do you want to hear? Everything! All the bad things you’ve been through! And all the good things! Okay… but it’s not going to be pretty.

25 thoughts on “Painted Flowers – Prologue (Reanimated)

  1. YEEEESSSSS I love it so much! You’ve improved greatly with your art, animation, editing, everything! 😀 Though you’re not animating PF anymore, I’m still eager to see your other progress with the rest of the episodes and to see how much you’ll grow! ^^

  2. This is so beautiful and amazing and a wonderful testament to how far you have come since then. I love it and keep improving!

  3. When I saw the notification for this video I was like "OMGGGGGG, YAY!"

    I really love this series!

    (Oh, um … a question. Will the next episode be subtitled in Portuguese? It's just that I'm not very fluent in English.)

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