15 thoughts on “Painted Flowers – Episode 7

  1. Y'all can say what y'all want but Kwasi was right, Feoria
    Was indeed acting annoying, always nagging about being a healer or Royal

  2. I’m just gonna say this now before episode 8 comes out. I looooooove Layali’s voice actor! She really does know how to change her voice so well! She just shows the character’s emotions so well and just. Aaaaggghhh!!! I love it! So yeah, I’m done!

  3. Amazing as always, I remember being on this channel since the first episode! Watching the channel and your series grow is amazing!!

  4. I’m finally catching up with this series and dang, you improved so much! I’m really impressed by the character interactions and how you differentiate each dog’s design from each other. Also oof, just when things were going her way her pack comes back to haunt her ;-:

  5. You're so good at animating. I remember seeing the series a while back before the newer episodes. I love this. Keep the great work going

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