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Hiya. Remember to look right here.
Yeah. Haaa!
Gotta look right there. Gotta look right there. Like you’re talking to a person
like a stranger! I just told her, like,
“Yeah, you were born different. “That’s just who you are.”
And she owns it Mm-hm. Ow. OK, there you go. SHE MUMBLES In her case, like, we don’t put any
fear into her or, like explain what progeria
is or even say the word progeria. We just treat her like a normal
ten-year-old, just try to give her the best life. SHE CHUCKLES
Yeah. You’re welcome.
She sees herself as being different. There are days where she goes,
“I wish I had hair, “I wish I looked like
everybody else,” but then she goes and says,
“Who needs hair anyways? “I have a bunch of wigs.” You can’t? You can’t tell him? No. You tell him.
What do you want me to tell him? Whisper it, whisper it. She said… ..she thinks you’re cute. Yeah? I think you’re cute, so. SHE GIGGLES That was awkward. That was awkward! Yes. It can be hard some days,
especially at night. SHE SIGHS When everybody goes to sleep
and, you know, I’m just thinking about the day. Just thankful for another day,
I guess. Get out of here. No. Adalia has a rare ageing
disorder called progeria. Everybody makes progerin,
it’s what makes you age, and she just makes a lot of it,
so that’s what makes her age faster. I like other Barbies like this one. I like her. I think this is
called Pop-Up Camper… Because it’s Barbie, I don’t know. Give me the backpack! We don’t talk about life expectancy or any possibility of this could
happen or that could happen to her. We just live day by day. I mean, anything can happen to
anyone, right? Exactly, yeah. Excuse me! # OK, I’m rapping with my friends # Getting all this money, stacking
dollars, stacking cents… # Well, in the beginning
when we first started her Facebook, it was just for giggles. It was surprising how fast it grew. She has, like, 14 million
people on her Facebook and all her subscribers on YouTube. We like to pump it. And we like to dab. We like to dab. I definitely think it’s fair to
describe Adalia as a diva. An ocean wave. People have been asking
about Adalia’s eye. The story about that is that… Oh, God! Stop. I know, but…
self-conscious about it, but… So, surfer’s eye, it’s basically
like scar tissue forming CRUNCHING NOISILY I basically… Um… Yeah, I’m her puppet. Roll your eyes back. Ha-ha hah! HE SCREECHES Having a social media
superstar 11-year-old is crazy, especially when we’re out
in public, you know. A lot of people recognise her. Yeah. What did you think? I’ve been down the slide! They say good things to her all
the time. They love all your videos. There’s constant comments of
how she’s inspirational and how she doesn’t let anything
stop her. And every time she hears those
things, it makes her really happy. Let me show you one more video. Smile! Look at Daddy. Can I get a tissue? There you go. Are you really going
to film me blowing my nose? Oh! All right, diva. How do you look? Adalia, do you think
it’s fair to say that you are a little bit
like a diva? They’re cool. Are they new? No. Bye! Bye! My favourite thing about being her
mom is watching her grow and, like, seeing just how different
she is from everyone. Just seeing how
she takes on every day and just learning from her, as well.
Mmm. ALL: # Happy birthday to you. # I would describe
Adalia as a wild one. Yeah. Stubborn. Determined. Driven. Courageous. Crazy.

93 thoughts on “Our Girl Who Ages Too Fast: Adalia Rose | Living Differently

  1. Who are the people that dislike these videos?!!!!!! Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed that 👍🏻 I’m a plasterer and was just about to mix but ye know what, I sat on a milk crate and watched this wonderful little girl instead!!!! God bless from a bunch of dirty builders on a cold January morning!!!!! 💓

  2. I admire you Adalia! you are so sweet and awesome!! I wish ya’ll the very very best. sending all my love and you are perfect! never change girl, you are the absolute best girlie! WE LOVE YOU! ❤️❤️

  3. I usually don’t cry for thing like this but this was so sad and still so beautiful, she seems so god damn wonderful and a beautiful mindset, i sincerely hope she will keep on living past 13 😢
    Please adalia keep up your good work!

  4. I don’t really care about how people look like gust be your self and I was bore with a werd ears how cares how you look like your perfekt

  5. I love your voice Adalia 💗 your are the God gifted child baby ..love u sooooo much ♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖😘😘😘

  6. Adalia rose ..
    YOUR A SWEET , CUTE ANGEL 👏👏👏👏👏👏☺☺☺☺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤩🤩😁🤩😁🤩😁⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  7. Adalia: I think you are cute “and” beautiful! Whenever I’m feeling down, I just watch some of your videos & you manage to put a big smile on my face, every time! Your happiness is infectious. I only wish I could dance as well as you! Keep it up, sweet girl! …… from a new friend, Brenda : )

  8. You are pretty and I think you are a very smart intelligent little girl and you can change the world I think you are the new Taylor Swift and I look up to you

  9. I heard of this disease but I've never seen it…. it's sad but unique. Best wishes to the family and hope this girl has a great life

  10. I thank you are adorable don't listen 2 what other people say I like to play dolls I like to do makeup and I like to watch my phone to we don't look the same but we act the same

  11. People let’s get honest, this may seem too have medical side affects that resemble rapid aging person but it’s just that a side affect of some alien hybrid. Are we really gonna sit and say it’s just an child aging too fast. Look closely and think again. We all where made by aliens and this is just more of there big scientific project

  12. That looks fun and funny I thought that was cute I think that was just it kel cute yeah I think I feel so much better than before 😭 because I'm her it been😭💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨ hahaahahhhahhaha you are me!? I never felt normal before 😭because I'm not being me?! I want to know who's me please!? I want a baby please!? I love you so much with all my heart God bless you💖😭😍💖✨💖🙏

  13. I’m so glad I came across this video!! Thank you for sharing your story. I saw on your Instagram you have turned 13!! Happy birthday sweetheart.

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