Origami Projects : Origami Flower Bouquet

In this clip we will turn our flower into
a actual flower with stem and leaf. I forgot to mention on the previous clip that we need
also a clipping plier and a round nose plier. So clip your wire in half or to the length
that you like. Take your round nose and if you don’t have a round nose its all right
any old plier will do. Basically what we’re trying to do is make a kind of a knot at the
end of the wire so that the wire wont slip through the flower. Make a knot, make a loop
like this take one of your needles and pierce that base of your flower with your needle
right here. Take your wire through the open side. Thread your wire through the base of
the flower all the way to the end where the knot is held. Take floral tape which can be
bought at any craft store along with the floral wire. Wires can be bought at any craft store.
Cut it to about the length of your wire maybe a little longer and this cut one of these
leafs off and this will be your leaf.

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