Origami Models : Origami Cherry Blossom Plate

In this clip I will show you how to make a
plate of cherry blossoms. This is a design by Mauri Ono, and it can be found in her book,
“The Simple Art of Japanese Paper Crafts.” This is a model that requires five units,
and each unit starts out with a kite base. Now with the kite base, we are going to fold
the triangle of the kite base down, and then open it and hide it between the two flaps.
Actually we are going to open the two flaps, and each of these flaps we are going to fold
it to the center. So that this edge meets up with the center edge. So that kind of looks
like a V shaped t-shirt. So this edge folded to the center, you have a V shape on top.
Now fold the entire unit in half, now mountain fold, and fold this triangle up all the way
up to this edge here. Let me get that nicer. Fold that triangle all the way up. Unfold
this flap, and this triangle tuck it right underneath here. Refold this flap, and this
triangle on top fold it down along this edge, and we are going to do a inside reverse fold
with this triangle.

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