One Stroke Full Look Floral Design

Hi, my name’s Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails in this video we’re going to create the full look so we’re going to do the full five nails with the whole look I’m going to show you how to do a one stroke design with little swirls as well so on these nails I’ve already painted with the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish got a few different colours on there this one here is Full Metal Jacket this one here, this like bottle green colour is Poison Ivy and it’s got a little bit of glitter on which is a little bit of Luck Of The Irish we put that there as well, just literally bobbed a little bit on and faded that down then we’ve got Grape Expectations on here I have top coated them all, but I am going to buff them slightly to do some art work on them for this part of the design we’re going to do some one stroke one stroke is a way of painting flowers my Auntie Lucy used to paint this way on pottery coz obviously I’m from Stoke-on-Trent and that’s the heart and soul of the pottery industry so this is where I first saw this technique and then in recent years it’s become really popular on nails so I’ve got some colours here I’ve got white, purple and green I’m going to make this green a bit darker by adding a little bit of purple to it just to deepen that green so I literally just touched into that with the other end of the brush, just giving it a mix and can you see how that deepens the colour so like I said before, I’ve top coated these, but now I’m going to buff them quite softly, I’m just taking off the shine, this makes it easier to paint paint will then stick to the surface of the nail I’m just going to clean over that with the Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution give it a quick dust first and then we’re going to wipe over all of the nails just to get rid of any other dust and you can see that they’re nice and matte now so we’ve got a pinched brush it’s angled I’m going to go into the, I’m going to pick up the white going to go into the purple on the other side wiping each side keeping the brush nice and flat can you see how you get that blend going to do this around three times until the blend’s how I want it and I’m going to start by doing the outer petals so it’s very small movements pressing the brush down wiggling the brush and I’m going to do a petal in between those make sure the brush is nice and its blended how I want it I’m going to start up here and then do the other side of the petal here so they overlap nicely the beauty of doing one stroke, if you’re not happy you can go over so if you want it stronger in colour you can go over it so what I’m going to do now going to use a slightly smaller brush going to load it the same just gone into the water, drag off the excess don’t let the water sit in the stock area, just want to dampen the brush same colours load that a few times and I’m going to do like a U shape to connect those two together and I’m going to bring that around a little bit more and then using this brush on the side using the green and the slightly bigger brush we go in the white, in the green, blend again so you can see you’ve got that blend here, if it’s not blended you need to go over it again so make sure the two sides are separated going to just add a few little leaves to the bottom we’re going to do some more one stroke work on the other nails as well so we get the full look we’re going to go in the centre of this nail now we’re going to do the petals a little bit fanned just going over just to strengthen that up a little bit make sure each layer is dry before you go over so going to get the smaller brush just going over this one slightly to make this a little bit bright going to take some white a little bit of purple make a lilac and make sure when you’re mixing paint, you mix enough paint but you don’t want to mix too much coz it’s hard to then mix the same colour again and I’m going to come round and down going to do the same on the other side again the other side and join up just going to get some fresh white a little bit of water, we’re just going to do some little swirls not going over onto the lilac line if you do, you can always neaten that up now I’m going to put a really thin white line at the edge of, well, the lilac line all the way down to the point and the same with this one all the way down to the point and just going to add any lilac where it’s needed now on this one, we’re going to do a similar thing with the green going to mix a pale green and we’re going to come this way and on this one we’re going to go on the tip so you’re going to do the same again here with the swirls making sure I’m overlapping then I’m going to curl around the edge of the green with the white, I’m going to carry on with some one stroke this time we’re coming from the top of this nail going to take the smaller brush now, the small pinched slanted brush load that and I can do the small part on the nail going to use this brush to finish off finish off this flower now with the white, going to take a little bit of white paint there’s a little bit of water in this as well I’m just going to highlight some parts of the flower pressing down and then pulling off to the tip which makes it thicker and then smaller so you press the tip of the brush down and come up little bit wavy so this is the last nail for this design we’re going to do the one stroke again this is a good opportunity for you to look at that again so load your brush you could even check your blend on your hand blend it on your hand, lots of people like to do this so a little wave this time when you’re doing these inner petals watch the angle of the brush it’s quite flat, I’m not spinning it out now I’m going to continue this round so I’m going to load the smaller brush and go over that centre part so you’ve got a nice big flower there little bit of white paint with a little bit of water and we’re just going to highlight the centre and then we’re going to do some of these little scrolls with a dotting tool just going to go from the centre out on this nail and again the centre now all of the paint’s dry, what we’re going to do is seal that in going to seal it in with Mega Gloss make sure you cover all of the paint make sure you cover all of the paint work coz any paint work that you don’t cover any of the art work that you don’t go over will wash off or wear off and you don’t want that so you’re going right to the edges, don’t flood the cuticle in the lamp we’ll pop that in for one minute in the LED lamp so now they’re all dry nice and cured we’re going to finish off with some cuticle oil replenish the oils in the skin so you can see that we’ve used a few different colours there but we’ve followed the theme throughout the full set of nails so you can choose any element from that design and have a little go

49 thoughts on “One Stroke Full Look Floral Design

  1. Love to see an artist at work, Kirsty! I couldn't understand your accent… What part of the country are you from? Thanks so much for sharing your technique.

  2. those are beautiful and u make it look so easy! I cant do those flowers at all lol 💜💜💜

  3. Beautiful Kirsty…I'm always fascinated by the one stroke method. Far too chicken to try it, though 😅

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. The only thing i'd say though is i'd rather have a longer video than it being sped up quite so much when there is so much to see ; )

  5. These look stunning one criticism can you bring the camera closer as its a little difficult to see the technic it's too far away xx

  6. I think tht the gloss too coat took away from the gorgeous, gorgeous overall look of this…my pick…matte for this look

  7. Do you not have classes, to pick up extra techniques I'm a new nail tech and would love to be shown how to do these techniques as college don't shoe much…

  8. Can anyone help me cause when I do the one stroke it comes out faint so it looks horrible and your has a strong colour to it

  9. You are effing BRILLIANT! You are an amazing artist 🎨! I don't do acrylic or gel on my nails… But i love painting them myself. I watch your channel for inspiration and just pure entertainment! 💙💚💛💜

  10. I love the vatiety of base colors & the unifying one stroke floral design…the rest looked like filigree…beautiful❕

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