On déménage dans notre nouvel atelier, Pollen Robotics #3

Hello everyone, It has been 6 months we moved in
our incubator: La Banquiz Today we move out Matthieu is already removing post-it notes A big THANKS to La Banquiz for hosting us! We are moving in a garage
in the city center of Bordeaux I propose you to follow the all thing with us Let’s move out! As you see, we were only two for the move It is because Pierre and Jérôme were not there.. (what the wifi password already?) Those guys, just there, they did not participate! (they did not help..$#%@&) We bought some equipment to hold the cameras A small thingy for my smartphone
and a tripod, we also have a smaller one like this. Scotch tape times are over.. Rubbish framing is over.. Now it’s for sure, I will get it right every time. That’s it! we finished moving in.
Let’s do a small tour of the place. So we have here the bike garage A bookcase The lounge (some more words..who knows) A fully equiped kitchen Well mostly the coffee machine A first desk space For now we only have two,
we will have to go back get some more A meeting room For now it’s more like a storeroom,
still a few more furniture to add Huge shelf space,
which will come handy to store all our robots. A long workbench,
with all the electronics basics A 3D printing space,
with an access in the back to change the filament If you want to follow the adventure of Pollen Robotics, subscribe to our youtube channel
and follow us on twitter and facebook!

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