13 thoughts on “Of Monsters and Men – “Wild Roses” (Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! /2019)

  1. whenever "Of Monsters and Men" comes on 95X, I and my dad turn up the radio all the way and sing as loud as we can (of course we look like idiots, but, what matters is that we have fun and make memories!)

  2. The reason people, or at least me, love the band queen is how versatile they were. Each of their songs could be so different from the ones made by others and even them before, but in the end they added a unique queen feel to it that made them all a part of something kind of bigger. I know that omam is a little different than before, but let's admit it, they have always been different and in my eyes they are still the best band ever. I was at first too a little skeptical and a little too busy to give a thorough look on their album, but I must say they have added a unique omam feel to the songs that only they can do. And again, they are still my favourite band. Cheers to them and their new album.

  3. Is it just me or did Nanna finally find her live voice? She always sang so quietly and was too reserved. She's coming out of her shell. They all are. I LOVE THIS BAND.

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