Nicole花藝教室|2019聖誕樹DIY教學|Christmas Tree DIY tutorial

Hello, I’m a nicole from have a nice flower Today I will you to make a mini Christmas tree First prepare a square iron frame Flower foam Place in a circle Preparing Cedar Cut cedar short Put on the highest point This is the highest height of the Christmas tree Will other cedar Insert one along the southeast and northwest That will make the longest length at the bottom of the Christmas tree Insert cedar in the middle of the southeast and northwest Make the bottom of the Christmas tree When doing the second layer Cedar can’t be longer than the first floor The second layer of cedar should be inserted obliquely upwards This will achieve the effect of the Christmas tree Remove the leaves of the flower arrangement mud before inserting cedar Cedar can be stored for more than 2-3 months after drying Can be placed for a long time The place to pay attention to when inserting a Christmas tree is When inserting, you need to see if the cone is in the state If some places are too long Will make the whole look like a Christmas tree The bottom to middle Christmas tree is almost inserted Start inserting the Christmas tree in the upper part The upper part of the Christmas tree should be inserted straight Unlike the bottom or middle layer, it is inserted horizontally and diagonally. At this time, just fill the middle and upper positions The base of the Christmas tree is complete Making a Christmas tree takes more time than making a Christmas wreath Be patient This Christmas tree is plugged in one by one cedar Making the Christmas tree is a bit more difficult See me this christmas tree is starting to take shape Vaguely seen as a cone At this time, you only need to fill the gaps of the flower mud. Fruits can be inserted after the foundation is completed There are small pine cones Eucalyptus Red fruit, orange slice A glue First glue the bottom of the pine cone Placed in different positions on the Christmas tree Pine cones should be distributed as high, medium and low as possible on the Christmas tree I want three pine cones on each side of the Christmas tree Placed in high, middle, and low positions After adding orange slices Also placed in high, middle and low positions This is placed at the bottom of the Christmas tree I put this orange slice in the middle of the three pine cones In addition to the orange slices facing out Orange peel can be used as decoration Finally add red fruits for embellishment The red fruit itself has iron wires Just insert flower mud This is the eucalyptus fruit Why do I use styrofoam for red fruits? Because red fruits can be displayed for a long time in bright red If it’s a real red flower It will turn brown or black when dry This Christmas tree is almost complete If you are interested, please come and try it out.

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