6 thoughts on “NC pollen: Photographer captures ‘pollenpocalypse’ over Durham

  1. Really when have you ever seen pollen do that? Looks like the ILLuminati gassed them they have playing cards, murals in the Denver Airport that show some of their plans to reduce the population, I know it sounds crazy but they do alot behind the curtain, mk ultra mind control, some know this can look up videos, Wake Up! Used direct Energy weopons on Calif. fires, created many of the storms using HAARP and now other energy field s saturating the midwest right now….. floods, wind, these are the psychopaths running the World into the ground…. every body should stop worrying about Trump's stupid wall and start worrying about why "they" want a wall there in the first place! Try to figure out how to stop bio hacking people's consciousness…. creating Robots out of humans…wake up!

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