Natural Looking Flower Pot From Coconut Husk | Eco-friendly & Organic pot DIY Garden //GREEN PLANTS

in this video making of coconut husk pot and planting in coco-husk pot this is the dried coconut husk this is good organic base material and environment friendly now removing coir fiber i just peel off coir fiber excessive coir so need to remove it this coco coir don’t throw away this can be reuse for potting soil mix now joining husk tie up using wire you can use any type wire after mark and cut around the top with saw or blade trimming excess fiber then remove wire and marking to make holes on the splitted husk edges after then making holes to join the husk i used piece of wire to join after joined you can see the in side of pot then on the top edge remove unwanted coir i just burn fibers because come out of the pot now pot is almost ready and then hanging add the U nail with wire or hanger hook for hanging now painting i used oil paint do not paint inside of the husk after all pot is ready to plant use coco peat soil mix and compost planting this is a water plant coco peat and coir fiber holds moisture for longer lengths of time and also keeps the plant healthy so i just plant in this pot best for planting orchids

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