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Hello, this is Seraph. 大家好,我是Seraph。 This is the time for cherry blossoms to bloom, and,
现在已到了樱花绽放的期间, isn’t it just so beautiful?
很漂亮吧? 现在正是樱花的季节了!
It is sakura season now! 如果你想看日本樱花的话、你就不能错过中目黑。
If you wish to see yoshino cherry blossoms, you have to visit Nakameguro. Nakameguro is a famous hanami, or cherry blossom viewing spot
中目黑是一个出名的赏花地点, because of the beautiful somei yoshino cherry blossoms
因为有这些美丽的日本樱花 lining the sides of the Meguro river.
衬目黑川的两侧。 There are actually over 600 species of cherry blossoms in Japan,
日本有600多种樱花, but somei yoshino is one of the most popular.
但是日本樱花是其中最受欢迎的一种。 Somei yoshino has very pale pink,
日本樱花是非常淡粉色, almost white blossoms consisting of 5 petals.
几乎白色的五个花瓣组成的樱花。 Nakameguro is a great viewing spot both in the day and at night,
无论白天或夜晚,中目黑都是个很棒的赏花地点, when the sakura gets illuminated with the surrounding lanterns. 到了晚上,中目黑会亮灯,执照出梦幻的夜樱 (yozakura)。
When night falls, Nakameguro will light up, creating the fairytale atmosphere of night sakura. Ok I didn’t manage to go to Nakameguro at night,
我没有机会在晚上去到中目黑, these are from somewhere else,
所以这些是别处的樱花, but well, you get the picture.
但是夜樱的景色就是大概这样子。 这里也是一个很受欢迎的地点因为你可以边吃边观赏樱花。
This place is also popular as you can eat while admiring the sakura. It may be a long walk down the river but you won’t go hungry
这是一条很长的河边, 但你在漫步时你不会挨饿, as there are many stalls lining the canal
因为有许多摊位 selling festival food and sakura-themed drinks.
在销售节日食品和樱花主题饮料。 There is even an over-priced Sakura coke!
还有一个价格过高的樱花可乐! So don’t you say I didn’t warn you.
所以你可不能说我没有警告你哦。 This is a hanami-dango.
这是个花见团子。 So traditionally, people usually eat this dango when they go for hanami.
依照传统,在赏花时,日本人通常会吃这个团子。 It’s not as chewy as I thought it’d be.
没有我想象的有嚼劲。 This dango tastes like, mm, sweet rice?
这个团子吃起来像,甜甜的米饭? It’s kind of sweet.
挺甜的。 Ok, back to Sakura-viewing time!
好了,让我们继续赏花! Some cherry blossoms seem to grow directly on the tree trunks,
一些樱花似乎直接生长在树干上, and I think these are really adorable.
我觉得这些真的好可爱。 And the sight of falling petals is absolutely romantic, isn’t it?
而飘落的花瓣是超烂漫的,不是吗? So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on sakura,
我希望你们喜欢这个樱花主题的短片, Thank you so much for watching my channel,
非常感谢你们观看我的频道, And do keep a look out for my next post!
请一定要收看我的下一个短片哦! Jaa, see you next time!
那我们下次见! またね~!

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