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Hello hello, little buns! If you remember back to my Plushie Pink unboxing you will remember that I received this Sanrio My Melody Re-Ment toy. I decided that we were going to open this box together because I don’t know what’s inside and no one knows what’s inside! I still can’t get over how cute this piano musical set is! But I don’t want to set my heart on something in case I don’t receive it. So let’s just open it up. I’m really excited because I’ve never done one of these before. I’m really nervous that I’m just going to destroy the packaging which is really sad. I always manage to do that. 🙁 But, it looks like I managed it okay this time. So here’s a little peek inside the box. I’m not sure what we have just from this angle so I’m just going to have to take it out and see what it is. So, as we can see from the contents and this little flyer here, we have the My Melody little tree trunk table with some desserts. Here is what the entire Floral Party collection looks like, It is so so damn sweet. I must admit that I am a little sad that I didn’t receive the piano but this is still adorable. I’m not quite sure what this is. I think this may be a sweet or something that you can eat but I’m not going to eat it in case I am completely wrong so if I can eat this let me know in the comments section so I know it’s safe to eat! Here is a close-up of all the little figurines etc that we have in this box. So I’m going to open them, take them out and arrange them. So it looks like we even have cute little plastic cups with little bows on for the desserts as well which I think is such a cute little touch. So let’s just go ahead and put it all together. So here we have our adorable My Melody re-ment toy. I think this is so so cute, I really love the Floral Party theme! I also like how My Sweet Piano is with a hedgehog here, I think that is so cute. If you would like a Sanrio re-ment box of your own then then head on over to Plushie Pink. She has a great variety of different re-ment boxes. I really wish this My Melody dessert was real because it looks so so scrumptious! Thank you so so much for watching, little buns and I will see you in the next video! See you soon!

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  1. OMG I am I need to learn OMGOMG I really want to buy it I really wanna do all my God where did you get that from girl

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