My Cafe 2018.4 Announcement: Cherry Blossom Season

hi everyone i’m Ola and today we are
going to play My Cafe: Recipes & stories in this video I’m going to share
the details of update twenty eighteen point four and this update is going to
be so flourishing so let’s go so the main thing about 2018.4
for all players starting from level eight is the season. season is several
festivals in a row united by one certain theme. update 2018.4
is dedicated cherry blossom this is why I have this wonderful tree in front of
your cafe. the season may last around a month and during this time you have to
earn cups in several festivals to reach new levels of the tree. when you get
1500 cups you unblock level one and the cherry blossom starts
bringing you one diamond a day. at level two after earning 6000 cups you
will get in two diamonds per day and when you make 30 000 cups the
tree will give you three diamonds every day, so the more cups you earn in the
festival yourself, the better tree you get, so it is also becoming more personal
it’s not only about teamwork at the festival so you see countdown under the season name? it means how much time is left till
the season starts. when it starts you will have a different countdown for how long
it is going to last, around a month. you can also see the blooming cherry
blossoms on the right which is unblocked when you reach 1500 cups. it actually
costs real money but it will bring you a lot more diamonds every day. so when you reach level one your tree starts blossoming and giving you diamonds every
day, just like that. the tree works as a storage for your diamonds – you won’t lose your diamonds if you don’t collect them every day they will be stored for later.
with 1500 cups you can purchase the blooming cherry blossoms and they’re
very profitable: at level one you get 35 diamonds a day, at level 2 it grows to
75 diamonds per day, and at level 3 it brings you 100 diamonds per day, but
you also keep getting your regular one two or three diamonds per day from Diamond cherry blossoms so a cherry blossom tree grows every time you reach a new milestone and starts bringing you more diamonds this is great guys now I can collect diamonds faster! if you decide to buy
blossoming cherry blossoms ,the tree look like that and this is the number of
diamonds that it will bring you. the only thing you have to do now is to earn the cups for tree before the season ends when the season ends you will be able to
get all the rewards and the cherry blossom tree will give you all the
diamonds and disappear after you collect them so the cherry blossom season will
bring additional meaning to your Township active life. invite your friends
to the game to show them your progress besides now it has become even easier
you can do it straight from your Township member list. well and thank you
so much for playing with me I hope you have enjoyed this video if you did then
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left corner of the game settings I will choose 5 best comments by next Friday
till then have fun in the game and see you next time bye bye

100 thoughts on “My Cafe 2018.4 Announcement: Cherry Blossom Season

  1. hey i am player:41112477 this time also any car should come because it helps us to colect spices,gifts,diamons,money and it also creates intrest in solving stories so plase next time send car

  2. I'm really looking forward to this update, I've played the game for over 1 year, and I love it. You're very beautiful Olga, and you explain very well. Keep it up and you'll be very successful on your channel. Love you so much! <3
    Player ID: 24082470

  3. I think when we are in festival the customer should order the spices that we have taken task…
    Player I'd 32994254

  4. Just a small suggestion cherry pls reduce the equipment prices as it is very very high to buy or instead of diamond make rubies to buy

  5. Its just an update.. Only valuable for those who can spend their real money on this stupid game which does not considers that everyone cant make purchases with real money…

  6. We need 2 active players to join our township PLUR Corner in 💎 Diamond league 💎
    ● Level 20+
    ● Vip 3, 4 or 5
    ● Communicative in fb group and chat
    ● At least 10 tasks per festival

    We are a township that is very fair and understanding, always there to help and also diamonds are split by tasks. 😍❤

  7. Can we just update already….im so excited…i love your graphics n everything about the game….UPDATE PLEASE!!NOW


  9. My cafe ID player number 34845042 I love playing this game I'm at level 16 so my question is will I get the cherry blossom currently I have not received an update so I can update the new version please help I want the cherry blossom tree as well I want it all

  10. Hi Olga! Woah, that tree looks so mesmerising and beautiful that I cannot wait to have it standing beside my cafe! I was wondering if there would be certain amount of VIP points we could earn by buying the blooming cherry blossom tree? Ahhh..and it would be really cool if there was an introduction to cherry blossom festival foods which we could sell at our café until the festival ends! 🙂 And here's my player ID: 35095317

  11. VIP 5 should get discounted gift boxes too since their vip level can’t go up anymore and an option for one extra server. I just don’t think vip 5 has that much of a wow factor at the moment
    Also, can we have a floor that matches the flamingo style too maybe an off white colour?

  12. hi, a small idea. instead of giving diamonds u can give spices or gifts every and it can increase by level. instead of 1 diamond which is very less.

  13. È fantastico! Non vedo l'ora di vederlo accanto al mio caffè! 💐🌸🌹🌺🌼 è una gran bella iniziativa! Continuate così ✌️

  14. Por favor hagan traducciones de los videos al idioma español, por que son muy interesantes, pero no he entendido nada

  15. I think that it would be great to be a private chat between the leader and the second in comand where you can discuss about everything. More free ways to have diamonds would be nice. Id: 26498296

  16. please help me it came out in my cafe update the game and when I put in play storie I did not leave anything just open the game and I did not come out update please help I want to update and I do not get

  17. Hi Olga… I just want to ask how can I buy vip 1 without using any credit card coz I don’t have any of those card..

  18. Hi! I was wondering if there will be any further styles to be added. I mean we have English, French, Chinese, American, Northern Lights, Loft & Simple/Classic. I ask because I have so many suggestions, Japanese style, completely different of course to Chinese, there is also, German, italian, Greek, other great European styles. Other region styles as well. I am hoping for a Japanese style, tatami flooring, wood stands and such, with cherry blossom decor, you could even do mythological style, like gods type per style.
    Player ID 42686144

  19. my question is: the diamonds that you get daily, do you get them at the moment (daily) or at the end of the season?

  20. Regarding the update, by “next week”, did you mean this week(April 11, 2018)? or really the following week(April 16th, 2018)? Can’t wait for it to be released! <3 I keep refreshing the updates tab on the Appstore wishing the update was already there lol

  21. Guys, how can I get my guest to finish eating and leave the cafe fast so that I can move onto the next part of the story when they come back. When you click on a guest they would say that they don’t need anything for an hour but then end up spending hours in the cafe. Any tips?

  22. i love this concept but please do something with township orders cz sometimes they just give same orders which does not let us take big task and our rank drops.and please i want friends to gift me something or i can give them gifts something like this . player id: 31031603

  23. Hiii Olya….
    I Think Developers Can Make Some New Things like :-
    1.) Spent Money Task (spent $25000 coin For 355trophies.. Spent $100000 coin For 625 trophies) its good For Change Old Item In New Level…
    2.)Add Pizza or Cold Drinks machines…
    3.)Red Gift In "Buy A Gift menu"…
    4.)Need Spin Tickets in Gold Gift…1-3 tickets in one Gold Gift
    5.)We Need More Yellow Categories Spices in Daily Spin…
    6.)Township phone Orders r Not Too Good… Need More Orders….
    7.)We Need Diego or Nicole in May Update….
    8.)Thank You…If You Read My comment…Then please give Me a like Only….👍✌✌✌💃💃

  24. Hi. Am in a festival group were only 3 of us participate. If O leave will I lose my contribution ie diamonds and money?

  25. How has completed level 26 recently? How many stories are in his level? This level is moving so slow, I just finish Ben’s story and it hardly gave me any stars and now I am on Alice’s story.

  26. Could you guys make some type of warning message for leaders/assistants to know when one of us is giving a township member a spice from the treasure trove at the same time? This would keep us from accidentally giving double spices to one member because we didn’t know the other person was giving them a spice at the same time to fulfill the members request for a needed spice? I hope this makes sense. Lol

    Can’t wait for this update!! Please allow the cherry blossom trees to stay after this feature is finished! They’re so beautiful!!

    Thanks! ☺️

    Player ID: 32663140

  27. Can you give more tips about how to earn coins cause I am level 23 with 0 vip points and I need to get 920000 coins which is hard for me
    ID : 31615124

  28. Hey Olya
    I love ❤️ your videos they are so helpful but I struggle getting to new levels
    Player ID:1234567890

    ❤️ 💕 💗

  29. Talks waaaaaaaaaay tooooooo faaaaaaassssssst😂😂 watched this video three time , just to u derstand what she meant😂😂

  30. Hi,

    Will there be more updates in regards to VIP status? .. I've reached level 5 within weeks of playing.. I generally buy gift sets for the festival and I feel my VIP points with my purchase are abit pointless..

    A few suggestions😬
    •Create more VIP levels 6-10 maybe? with the additional below 🙂
    •Offer furniture discounts?
    •Staff uniform discounts?
    •Equipments discounts?
    •More spice box storage?
    Anything really.. I would rather my VIP points go towards something than nothing .. especially when I'm using real money😅😅

    Thank you
    Player ID: 32941399

  31. Scrabplayr township needs regular festival players.
    I am VIP 5 play every festival. Currently have 8 strong players need 5 more. We dole out diamonds to everyone who participate in festivals based on how many trophies you earn. Spices are normally converted to diamonds for township treasury….

  32. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 send me a pink gift
    I seriously need tons of cardamom
    ID: 41495798

  33. please bring back the old festival hours of duration, when you extend it this way, you are not getting my money, nor my team members. We dont like your extension, almost 3 days in a week is festival. We are getting tired of it. Bring back the old festival duration please!

  34. Cherry Blossom version is awsome! It's very creative and interested version for functioning festival's piala. Player Id: 34356070

  35. Bonsoir mon ID est 40358050
    L'organisation est libre mais plus le joueur est actif et plus il est récompensé
    A bientôt
    Na Thalie

  36. ID. 28994939 me gusta mucho el juego. Y se me pasó la oportunidad de comprar cherry blossom, habrá otra oportunidad para comprarlo.

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