Motu The Sunflower – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, what is there in this glass? That is orange juice. Oh! Orange juice. But Motu don’t drink that juice, that is for the experiment of sunflower. What happened? You drank it? Yes!! Oh! No!! Why? Now you will get to know. I wanted to give a beautiful sunshine flower in the international flower competition. I want our town to win the 1st prize. That is why, I had put some chemical in that juice for the sun flower. International flower competition, yes, that’s tomorrow. That’s gonna happen tomorrow, but first see whats gonna happen to Motu? Big brother, what have you done ? Remove these leaves. Its paining a lot, big brother!! Motu, don’t pull it, now its a part of your body. Big brother, make me normal, please!! Motu, give me some time to prepare the antidote for this, you go home and take rest. Are you kidding? My face is made like sunflower and you are telling me to rest. Motu, its your mistake, Dr Jhatka told you not to have the juice . Now come on lets go home, Dr Jhatka will prepare the antidote in some time. Dr Jhatka, I will see you, I wont spare you. Sun is setting , the sunflower will close in sunset, you quietly sleep now , your flower will close off. Where have I stuck? Now sleep Motu, these will open on sunrise. Patlu, these butterflies and honeybees have made me a garden. Put them away, please. You don’t move, I will make them go away. I am stuck into it because of this international flower show competition. You finished my dance, before it started. Look here, I am talking to you. Sorry boxer brother, I can’t see towards you. Its my insult, I am talking to you and you are looking at the other side. Boxer brother, Dr Jhatka was performing some experiment for the international flower competition. Motu became the prey and turned in to a sun flower. That is why he can’t see you. Sun flower always faces towards the sun. Take him to the international flower competition. He will come 1st, haha!! Motu Patlu, Dr Jhatka has gone out of town to get the antidote. Till he returns, we can earn money by selling the mobile bouquets. Mobile bouquet? What is that? This Motu is the mobile bouquet. Friends, In this party, I have a mobile bouquet ,this is a new concept. What is this new mobile bouquet concept? He will be here. Hello, mobile bouquet is here!! This is our Motu. He will do anything to earn money. Very funny. Its real, don’t pull!! Big don, these leaves seems to be real, it looks like a part of his body. This is for sure because of Dr Jhatka’s experiment. Real leaves means its a skin. This bouquet is mine from forever, the entire world will come to see this. I will earn millions, haha!! No!! I never got so much insulted in my life. I don’t want to be a mobile bouquet. What happened to Motu? He looks so funny. At least tell me, what was my mistake? Such a big flower, the whole month we can get nectar, if we take along with us. Ok then lets go. Patlu, help!! Motu!! Patlu, help!! Patlu, help!! Where are you? Motu I am here, don’t worry!! Friends the human’s are coming to take away the flower. Increase the speed and one group go and stop them. Oh my lord!! Mummy!! Help!! May all the bitter medicines fall in to your mouth. It bite me very hard. Hurray!!! Stop dancing and save me. Hey Motu, thank god you are saved, after 10mins it would have not worked, take this injection. Why don’t we take Motu to the flower competition? Yes, our town will be famous, I am ready. But this medicine won’t work after 10 minutes. The competition is about to end, lets go, we might get the last entry. Only 3 minutes are left, Motu go fast. I am left, please I want to participate in the competition. I am walking and talking sunflower. It hurts. Awesome! This is the 1st time we gonna watch a live flower participant. Its a real flower, I declare 1st prize to this Sunflower. Only 30 seconds are left. If Motu doesn’t come out then he shall be a flower forever. I can’t get this medicine again. In the history of flower show, first time a participant will give a speech. Motu sir say few words. Thank you and sorry, I don’t have time. Time is over, now I don’t know, whether it will work or not.

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