Mothers day at flowershop 母の日に花を贈ろう

Oh, I need to get some flowers for Mothers Day. Oh nice. Ah what kind of flowers are you getting? Hmm. I’m thinking of getting roses. Roses. Yeah. Oh! Are they her favorite flower? Yeah. She likes any color rose. Oh nice, okay. I hear that in Japan ah they give specific flowers for Mothers Day. Oh really? Yeah. What kind of flowers? They give carnations. Oh? Yeah so this flower here. Oh wow those are pretty! That’s cool. mhm. So what about New Zealand? Ah so New Zealand is the same as America, so any flower is okay. Oh okay. Cool. Well I think I’ll get these… Ok. Cool. Alright. Let’s see. Oh these look nice. Okay. OK. Okay let’s go.

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