More 2020 LEGO City + Creator & my thoughts

hey everyone I’m gonna take a look at
some more new upcoming LEGO sets for the year 2020 but first there’s a bunch of
little stuff that I need to say quickly then I’ll slow down for the good stuff
first of all credit to brick set calm promo bricks da de and Hoth bricks calm
this time for photos being collected together I’ve done a number of videos
like this back-to-back of different themes and such so far almost nobody has
complained about them and a bunch of people have asked me to do more so I
will try to continue at least for now and I’ll try to continue to do them a
little bit better let’s start with street sweeper here tentative name and
at least it’s a little one I don’t have the the exact part counts or expected
prices for these city ones and I’m going to be looking at first I think there’s
like a half a dozen of them but I love this street sweeper set it’s got the
little blue colored is that is that actual boy I think that’s actual blue
and not medium Azure or dark as you rather I think it’s just regular blue
for these gears the brushes along the sides don’t make that much of sense but
it’s okay overall I just like this entire thing I like things like that in
general and I very much support Lego putting out sets that are small like
this that are fully usable as is but that are small and therefore cheap again
I don’t know the exact price that these will be but you can tell from their size
that they will not be expensive this postal delivery plane set looks
like it comes straight out of 2010 if not 2005 so it just looks so old the
plane itself so hold I’m very much like that torso or the postal delivery person
and I very much like that little bird otherwise to me this one yeah it just
looks old I mean maybe it’ll be perfectly fine too to play with I think
it’ll be perfectly fine to play with as long as it’s easy to get a person in and
out of there but yeah it just does not impress me
personally similarly this monster truck okay they’ve they’ve done small monster
trucks on a pretty regular basis for some some years now pretty much back to
back that is going to be a printing you get
it right it’s monster truck this time it’s an actual monster truck but this
one I probably like less than any of the ones that they’ve done up to this point
just it looks so simple around the sides and blocky and completely lacking in
detail pretty decent torso right there and I do
appreciate the print and I appreciate you know kind of the theme and
everything with the teeth and all that the color scheme is fine as well for you
know something that’s hot that’s Halloween like but just the build of
this again doesn’t impress me it should play perfectly fine because at least it
has the big tires and not big wheels to go with it so these big tires these are
actually pretty soft and rubbery and bouncy it makes the whole thing fun to
just grab and drive it over terrain and obstacles and things so it should be
okay to play with similarly there’s that other one that my audience won’t be that
interested in for the most part but I personally think is a very well-done set
for what it is bulldozer construction is the name that we have for it so far but
there are a bunch of things that I like about this for the fourplus age range
that it’s that it’s designed for first of all they did not make the
quote-unquote bulldozer into just a plain bulldozer they didn’t give it a
blade on the front they gave it a loader bucket which means it can pick stuff up
now it’s not able to lift stuff up you know it’s not not able to lift a load on
its own to maybe drop into this dump trailer thing that they have here but
you can always cheat you can always pick this up you know detach the trailer pick
this up with a load and then dump it in there and then use this as a a is a a
dump thing that you can pull around I love this because it gives you dump
truck functionality even if that’s not able to actually dump you know even if
there’s not a hinge underneath there you have to disconnect it still you
effectively get dump truck functionality for the cost of just a few pieces that
were used to put this together so very efficient for play there I think this
thing will be fun enough if it can get down close to the ground looks like the
arm will be able to bring the wrecking ball down fairly close you get some
tools for your minifigs to play with comes with two figures you even get some
things to to break alright you know some little things that
represent stuff to be destroyed and whatnot or you can stack them up for
construction and I also like the red color for the little portable cement
mixer thing here it’s just very vibrant and looks good the overall build for
this is gonna be very simple looking it appears but just so much about it
so much about this entire set is good and you can also hook up that hook right
there so that that’s not going to work well because you’re not able to bring
that down they had made it so that you could connect the hook to the end of the
chain that would make so much more sense of Anna next an extra adapter piece or
something for that but overall yeah spent a lot of time on this a lot of
people on this channel won’t even care about it I do I think that it’s a good
set for what it is as long as it doesn’t end up being overpriced now here’s
something that more of my audience which is in the 13 plus range according to the
poll that’s going on on my channel right now no surprise there most of this
audience is teens and adults but that audience will appreciate something like
this much more than that last one the ice cream truck here food trucks always
popular I personally like these stickers especially these over here on the sides
and overall this looks like it’s done pretty well it looks like it’s gonna
have enough space on the inside of it to pose a figure doing different things
like if you have the top off you’ll actually be able to play with the inside
of this as long as it’s as long as there’s enough room to get your your
fingers and hands in there you could probably even put two figures inside
color scheme is pretty good a little bit of gap right there but just overall this
looks fun and semi-realistic it’s like it’s close to it’s close to that peak
Lego kind of kind of thing in my opinion just for what I like in terms of having
something that’s clearly fun and you know not gritty and realistic but
realistic enough you know it just rides that that nice line that’s not true fine
if relying actually but it does it does a good job race boat transporter set
here it has a boat that actually floats glad they continued to do those
for people who like to play with her they go in the bathtub or a small pool
or a pond or something like that or Buttle big puddle
you know lime green color for the hull of this big sticker is there you can
leave those off if you want these are supposed to be air intakes there there
is actually a propeller or maybe a pair of propellers on the back of this you
know the boat it’s kind of basic I actually like the look of the truck it
does rely heavily on that big sticker on the front or it’s detail but you know
the cab section let’s see here we go yeah I like that I mean this is genuine
build here you know uses actual pieces for the red and the black and then
there’s more black up here that’s nice design I like it yeah
definitely satisfied with that the trailer is purely functional it’s just
you can clearly see it’s just enough stuff to hold the boat and nothing more
so that was definitely a budget play right there they were just trying to
keep the cost of making this as low as reasonably possible rather than doing a
super nice sliding trailer with outriggers and and stuff like that it
already costs a lot to include the big preformed boat oh not so much the top
piece that’s just a single piece of ABS but this is a different material and
that cost more so anyway I think I think this is fine not great but fine this is
really good Safari event adventure I’m hoping that at least one of these
repeated pieces is offered up as a print instead of requiring stickers for all of
those but even if they are stickers I still think this is a really nice thing
again right in that peak Lego kind of range maybe not perfect but pretty close
to good is I can reasonably ask for with something that looks realistic enough
you know it’s believable enough even though it’s clearly a toy
I love the inclusion of the basic tan big cat here which is a mountain lion or
cougar or Puma or whatever you want it to be another good actually a very good
use slightly extended use the tree guy you know costume setup and
the parrot with the blue and yellow marble together this is another set
where everything about it I think is pretty good as a snorkel as well I don’t
recognize that torso maybe maybe I do I feel like I’ve seen that torso once
before that wasn’t certainly we have but yeah this is just it’s just really good
so no complaints there from me as long as it’s priced decently all right let’s
get into the creator stuff go through some some of the smaller sets first I’m
just going through these in order because that’s the way that the
filenames ended up you know in order of number of set number the prop airplane
the propeller airplane here’s thing is that
so for these thanks to promo bring promo bricks de we do have prices and part
numbers this one has 128 pieces so it’s a really small set it’s gonna cost 10
euro maybe $10 that’s actually not bad this
looks like a sukhoi 26 or maybe a Corvis racer of some sort to me but then it’s
got the V engine that’s fine it’s nicely they got that the extra studs used under
here rather than making it as simple as possible the alternate build of a
different plane is OK for something this size the helicopter nah I don’t think
the helicopter looks good at all so yeah just gonna move on oh look get it
together get it together yes see that plane is not bad it almost look like an
a-10 civilian version but the helicopter is not here’s another three-in-one
creator set just another sport car so interesting to me the main car doesn’t
look that great me it’s okay it’s not that great you know see if we got
another picture for that yeah there we go
different different angle yeah and four is something that’s supposed to be a
sports car to have the wheels dev that kind of wheels those that kind of tire
on each of those wheels and then to have them exposed like this nah big flat
front nah not interested in that I actually think that this which is the
smallest the plane down here which is the smallest of the three possible build
options officially he’s not bad-looking especially for this is a 134 piece set
again 10 euro the last one was 10 euro as well so you know it’s it’s another
pretty small set if it’s ten dollars I’ll work out I think okay cuz I like
this that’s my favorite it’s like a t roadster bucket hot rod thing and that
looks pretty respectable to me and I think you may be able to put a
minifigure in there still you know it’s relatively small I think of minifig
might fit so for 10 bucks yeah it might not be a bad parts pack at the at the
very least this thing another monster truck creator side this time with teal
but more teal out there a lot of people are gonna appreciate that mm-hmm will
they appreciate this entire set I don’t know I kind of don’t to be honest with
you I appreciate that there is a little bit of suspension type motion here with
this main build but this alternate build yeah I guess it’s okay this alternate
build I guess it’s okay check this out the little dual car that they gave you
to crush doesn’t even have enough pieces to make it into a full car I mean I
guess you could rotate this cheese slow piece you know back and then consider to
be a full car but I don’t I’m not a big fan the suspension stuff is good maybe
it’ll be fun this is a very small thing though I don’t know
it’s 163 pieces for this set 15 euro maybe $15 you’re expecting we’ll see
yeah it just wasn’t wasn’t that impressed sorry a a crater fire dragon
234 pieces over getting a little bit bigger now 20 euro maybe $20 u.s. price
to our ratio was fine how big this actually looks I think it
might be a decent deal includes the treasure chest that you actually build
up the blue throws me off personally I get it I think I see what what they’re
going for but it’s just a little bit tough for me I feel like black would
work better for me personally just dragons that are trying to be serious
ought not be colorful in my opinion but that who cares who cares what I think
about that nothing just what I feel about it interesting that they use
different lighting here than they usually do some very harsh sharp
lighting didn’t use as many of the big or didn’t put as much lighting onto the
background and using the soft boxes here but anyway who cares back that what’s
the end alternate builds three and one this one’s okay to be had those legs
aren’t able to go forward and back but cause are fine looks like they may be
able to open and close a bit I hope and then the saber-tooth cat here that’s
respectable as a rebuild of a dragon yeah that’s definitely respectable yeah
I think that works out pretty well okay this one got a scroll to it this one’s
the Rockets truck it’s a rocket truck why does it have an air intake rockets
don’t need air it takes is it a jet truck or a rocket truck make up your
mind well anyway it’s a thing it’s weird I think it’s okay 198 pieces 25 euro mmm
no no that might not be that great of a deal though twenty-five dollars if it
goes on sale maybe has a parts pack overall not not feeling any of this out
of these three things I like the ATV the best it’s like a Street quad you know
that actually looks kind of respectable actually looks like it was designed to
be that way that’s you know clearly just a rebuild kind of stretching kind of
region nice to get these pieces of these five sided
Nexo Knights shield overlay pieces in the dark green color I don’t think I’ve
seen in that color before but this thing doesn’t interest me personally again I
don’t think it’s that great let me know what you think about that and I’ve
definitely always loved to hear if anybody who’s watching completely
disagrees with my opinion that’s a that’s really valuable and really
interesting to hear like tell me tell me why oh I want to know I want to hear and
then getting back to food trucks so creator has a food truck as well it’s
called the burger monster truck one shy of 500 pieces 499 pieces 50 euro though
priced far ratio sounds good but for the size of it it’s just the truck like
don’t look at this stuff we’re here that’s not included in the set those are
rebuild options let’s see got just gonna skip ahead yeah there so that imagine
that for $50 u.s. or 50 euro it doesn’t feel good to me it doesn’t feel right
the van is eight studs wide I’m personally okay with that they’ve done
eight stone wide stuff for many things in creator before I I am definitely
concerned about the creep towards eight studs wide with what speed champions is
doing this upcoming year but we’ll see I’m not gonna jump to any conclusions
just yet I think the speed champions things look pretty good and I think this
looks very good and it probably will have a bunch of space inside of it 50
bucks though I don’t know I just don’t know though that’ll be that great with
the the big burger built on top you think that this can be and with the
colors you can think of this be from the exact same franchise as in the burger
bar fire rescue set from earlier in 2019 overall this looks pretty good to me and
it is a three in one set see the interior lots of space in there huh
lots of space you can even put the the outside furniture inside it looks like
maybe there’s not a whole lot of detail beyond that but this tractor polar
that’s pretty cool I dig that and then this is just another thing that’s that’s
fine not every alternate needs to be amazing but there’s one
thing that I that I really dislike about this set it feels a major major miss
they give you these rebuild possibilities they give you some extra
wheels but they only give you two there’s a pair why not include four
extra wheels and tires of the smaller size and allow us to convert this into a
non monster food truck it shouldn’t be that difficult right most of this stuff
up here should be able to remain intact just give us what we need
give us the wheels and tires we need and then the holders for those wheels and
tires maybe even most of the pieces are already here we just need the wheels and
tires so that’s a big big mess this easily could have been a set that would
allow you without buying anything additional to create a pretty realistic
and pretty nice minifig scaled a food truck but it’s just a little bit that I
feel like that’s a bigger miss than it ought to be hmm I mentioned the price on
that yeah price could be a little bit high okay so
check this out this is this is the same price this
whole thing 50 euro or 50 bucks five hundred and fifty four pieces for this
one so a slightly better priced apart raised you but just feels like a whole
lot more stuff here that’s inspired by Oh does that actually move – I think it
does probably doesn’t have a full crank but yeah yeah it’s gonna move as well
that’s cool it’s inspired by the the fan designed gift with purchase rocket riot
set that they did earlier in the year this is a toy shop and town house I
don’t know I don’t know if that’s gonna be the official name to me this looks
like so many other sets that they done like this color
at least this color up here the medium as your is cool but overall I mean these
are nice and for their size they’re good I just wish they were a little bit
better covered up so actually I mean this one’s looking pretty good but they
keep showing you the camera friendly side so here open on the back it says a
little little toy store on them on the body
she has some lego sets in it looks like that’s probably just gonna be your
typical cafe and this is a flower shop these are all nice charming things well
done can’t complain just it’s kind of like a
Oh evergreen kind of thing that they’re
doing now I think and yeah I don’t mind it they’re just basically keeping things
like this on the market for people who are interested in them and they’re
updating and they’re changing them so offering different one different ones
over time if you don’t want a new one because you think like I do that it
looks very similar to stuff that they’ve done before then just don’t get it you
don’t just skip it’s perfectly fine but I’m happy that they’re keeping this
almost as a sub theme of its own the the many almost mini modulars you know that
our minifig scale it’s kind of as it’s just an ongoing little sub theme I’m
surprised they didn’t use the the helicopter cap piece you know no
propeller piece here cuz that would have worked just fine I think this is very
similar to my own biplane build except I use escaped I escaped instead of a look
at the front of it yeah we’re all pretty nice and that’s it so I
won’t do a dad I won’t pull you along any longer let me know if there’s
anything in here that you completely disagree with that’s interesting to me
for whatever reason or if you have just any other thoughts that you would like
to share about these sets thanks for watching and keep letting me know if if
you if you feel tired of these types of videos I will happily slow down but if
you want to see more regarding other themes that I haven’t covered for stuff
that’s coming up just let me know and I will keep it up
thanks again talk to you soon you

12 thoughts on “More 2020 LEGO City + Creator & my thoughts

  1. 31105 looks nice again, but another toy shop? Makes me consider to put another interior into it or, together with the 31036, use one of the shops for all the toys and the other for something different. Household electronics maybe?

  2. Street Sweeper looks like a great set to own! The parts are great to have and the model itself actually looks rather usable. I just do hope it isn't too expensive as I would love to have 10 or 20 of these to get some parts stocked, that trashcan, the blue gears, the blue hat, the brushes and the banana are very welcomed! It looks like you can put something in the back as well, I noticed a 1 brick high gap there.

    Postal delivery plane does look nice, a bit back to the late 80's up to mid 90's feel to it. This set would be very welcomed! I don't have those plates with letters printed on them yet, the bird is cool to have, those ski's I have in dark blue so red ones may be a nice addition. The aircraft tail may be covered with a sticker, not sure. But if that is the case it will be a little bit of a disappointment. The postman and his red hat are also welcomed as I don't have something for that yet.

    The monster truck may be interesting for the wheels, but the model looks bad. I am getting that very bad feeling of going back to the time LEGO California took over and made the blocks way to big. It looks horrible. Not buying this even if the wheels look interesting!

    Bulldozer construction looks also very basic and going back to the wrong time period. I do wish to have the crane legs (support parts), but not buying this set for that. The bulldozer looks horrible, it should at least have a few drive wheels being added for the tracks alone, but the whole bulldozer looks like a block to me. I do hope LEGO will fix this to a more realistic looking bulldozer before release. The cart behind it looks very lazy and far from attractive. I do like the cement mixer to some extend and the red color on it, that is welcomed for sure. I really do hope that LEGO will make a polybag where they place in a nice cement mixer with this red color, a figure and perhaps a few tools.

    The ice cream truck, well not a big fan myself but I do see a few parts I would like to have. The dog is for example welcomed. Not buying it though.

    Raceboat transporter set was done on multiple occasions before, with mixed results. The trailer looks rather simple and not so attractive, the truck looks actually pretty interesting even if the chassis part is rather short. For my taste they should lengthen the chassis a bit to make it look better. The cabin however does look great, simple on the back yet with nice details on the front and sides. For the boat… Well that looks like one of those hulls that can float with limited parts on top of it. I get the idea they are going for, but I don't really like how it looks. I don't plan on buying this one, but for that truck I may just get it and then adapt the truck itself for something more usable.

    Now Safari adventure I do like, back to 1990 it seems (set 6672). I do find it a shame that they didn't add springs to this new set which were added to the old version. Instead of a monkey this new set has a lioness and a parrot of which both look great. I have the old parrots from the old pirates sets, but this one I do not have yet. I do not have any lions either at this moment. 2 minifigs just like the original and the new car does look a lot better. I do find the zebra stickers on this new set rather a shame, I would love to have those parts printed instead. For a decent price I will likely buy 2 or more of these sets.

    Creator sets I am not sold on, I may get a few for parts but that's about it.

  3. Not tired! Opposite! Love them and i watch them all. I think its a good idea to keep this format on. The winter wave is almost all covered up, so there is no room for getting tired with those πŸ˜€

  4. That ice cream truck has me VERY excited! I got the pizza truck a few months ago and I’ve been thinking about making some more to set up at my fairground. I also really regret missing out on the LEGO Movie Ice Cream Machine.

  5. I do like to see the teal color coming back. It takes me back to the 90's. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jang. Hopefully one day you'll get to share your thoughts on a new constraction theme! I can dream can't I? 🀣

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