Mom is like a flower and dad is like a tree! [The Return of Superman/2020.01.05]

100 thoughts on “Mom is like a flower and dad is like a tree! [The Return of Superman/2020.01.05]

  1. Kbs please make a compilation video of Yeonwoo being a sweet boy that prove everyone needs someone like him 😆 I hope someday I can raise my children well as did Kyungwan and his wife 😁

  2. I know the show it's "Superman is Back" but I really want to see a video of Yeonwoo and his mom having a "mom and son" date together. Yoon Jung say that's she really feel pity for Yeonwoo when she leave him to work and Yeonwoo always want to have his lovely time with his mom too that will be perfect for them to have an excuse for go together just the of them, that's just my opinion hehehe 😁

    (Sorry for bad english, english is not my first language hehehe)

  3. Lol so his wife tried to discipline him form spending money on food he doesn’t need unnecessarily but he stops his wife from buying their son a toy ?? But he can buy stuff just because he eats it himself that’s annoying and selfish

  4. It was funny that his child is not allowed to buy what he wants though he uses his son as an excuse to buy what he wants😂

  5. Oh partner is exactly like Mr.Do's habit during our grocery shopping😅😅 While I prefer to get all the necessities, but he prefer to go around and around looking for other things to shop

  6. 5:27 haha dad wants his son opinion to justify his arguement. They are really sweet family. And lets not forget tht Purrrrrrr at 3:27😁❤️

  7. If my kid is as good as yeonwoo, ill be so happy to buy him what he ask. Hes so good to his mom, his sister and dad, he brings joy to this family, he deserves all.

  8. I don't believe parents should argue infront of their kids, but I'm glad at least both are trying to think about how to raise their children and appreciate them.

  9. I wasn't really watching TROS anymore but I just discovered this family and I STAN them so hard! They're adorable, especially Yeonwoo and his mom 🙂

  10. Im agree with yeonwoo appa, kids will know how hard to have 1 toy if us give them a rule to give him a toy

  11. i kindof agree with both parents. When money is not the issue, I too would like to buy everything for my child but I understand that if we give everything they don't learn how to cherish it. 🙁 I'm split

  12. The most adorable to watch are Bentley, William, Gunn ooh, Hayoung, JamJam, Rayon and the most irritating to watch is Yeonwoo! He and his dad are screaming for attention!! This show is about how the dads are super in babysitting their children, enjoying them not trying to keep pushing and promoting the son 's singing. So what his mom is so famous a singer! Why is she in the show? To help ratings? So unfair to the other families, who ARE SO SO MUCH MUCH MORE ENTERTAINING!!!

  13. 슈퍼맨에서 가족 엄마 아빠 사랑 이야기네..
    연우, 하영이 노는 모습 보고 싶어요..
    아이들 세상.

  14. 장윤정씨
    연우와 하영이가 너무예뻐요
    항상네식구 건강하고 행복하시기를 기원합니다
    여기는 텍사스에사는 머리하얀 할머니예요
    장윤정씨 많이사랑합니다😁😁😁

  15. The parents are so realistic and the father is so funny. I miss comedian family like the twins used to be. A humorous father is a blessing!

  16. Omg shopping with him would be sooo tiring LOLOLOL but I understand his way of thinking too. Living accordingly to your plans everyday can be so boring.

  17. Mum: why are you smiling over your phone… which one now? Is it kpop or kdrama?
    Me: Not kpop or kdrama, just korean reality show..

  18. 엄마랑 있으면 땅에서 꽃이 피고 있다는 표현이 엄청난 , 아이예요 , 부디 아이에게 많은 사랑과 관심을 보여서 잘 키우세요, 엄마가 시간을 많이좀 보내주세요

  19. Yeonwoo’s face (11:37) fits right on the cringey line his father said. 😂
    I really love the relationship and interaction of this family. ☺️

  20. wow I'm surprised how can a child say such poetic lines like that, to him the mother is beautiful and precious like a flower while the father is calming and steady like a tree…what a sensitive and wise soul in his little body! I'm falling in love with this family ❤️

  21. yungjun eomma is very nice but kyungwan appa doesnt let yeonwoo get what he wants but i think he did that for a reason

  22. Your little likes chicken feet. Your family is so real in your shows, need some more like this family. I like the way you all shops.

  23. to me…

    mom is like the roots who held the family strongly since she's like our resource. dad is like tree who help bloom the flowers (kids).

  24. Let me meet a man like Do Kyung Wan in the near future please. He's really the cutest huhu 😩✊ His pick up lines always had me dead 😆

  25. I think, I can understand Yeonjung. Since she is often not around for her children, she wants to shower them with material things. My dad was a seaman. He only comes home after one year. He will buy us toys or the latest gadgets at that time. But when he leaves, we will be back to reward system. My mom says that we only get something if we did something good. She also reminds us that what he have comes from our dad's sweat so we need to cherish it.

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