Mini Calla Lilies

hey everyone Georgiana here from Monday morning flowers and I know I haven’t done a video in forever especially a wedding related one and we got these beautiful mini cowboys and today so I thought I would talk about them so these little beauties are amazing sometimes we use them in bouquets all by themselves in mash which would be like this all many Callas and other times we include them in with other flowers but the reason I wanted to do a quickie video is I wanted to show you how the new stems it takes to create a big bouquet of these and that translates into cost so this is three bunches of many cows that we just got in for an event we’re doing 30 some centerpieces for a nonprofit organization for their gala and we’re using them in the centerpieces and with hydrangea roses and some other pretty flowers but anyway this right here in my hand is three bunches of 40 so see how it’s not huge I mean I don’t know if you can see that it’s huge but the three bunches here is 120 stems which would make really a big bridal bouquet but if you think about that this flower retails for 3 or 4 dollars of stem and that’s actually a very good price assuming that we were able to buy a lot at one time and so you could see how this becomes a very expensive okay so even if I just had a hundred stems and they were four dollars a stem that would be a $400 bouquet so sometimes the size of the flower kind of dictates how many you need in order to make a certain size bouquet and that can be what makes the book really expensive but anyway these little beauties are spectacular and so I wanted to share with you so thanks for watching you have a great day

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