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 She’s just being Miley!  Shortly after sharing some sentimental photos from her intimate wedding to Liam Hemsworth in honor of Valentine’s Day, Miley Cyrus posted a few more never-before-seen images from the special day on Friday, highlighting the 26-year-old pop star’s playful side Get push notifications with news, features and more. Follow Following You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications  In one silly image, Cyrus — a noted marijuana enthusiast, who recently said she started smoking weed again — held up her floral bouquet to her face with one hand, using her other to mime lighting the greenery  Cyrus kept the floral antics going in two more snapshots, as she posed with the bouquet on top of her head in one shot and struck a more NSFW pose in another  Choosing to let the silly images speak for themselves, the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer shared them all without captions  In honor of their first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple, Cyrus previously shared a handful of touching photos from their secret December ceremony on her social media accounts on Thursday  “My Valentine every single day,” Cyrus captioned the first black-and-white photo, which shows her and the actor, 29, snuggling up at their wedding  In the caption of the next black-and-white photo, which features the couple standing and hugging with their faces turned away from the camera, Cyrus went on to thank her new husband for making their height-difference work, as he’s 6 feetinches tall and she’s 5 feet 5 inches  “Thank you for always bending down to hug me … I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine!” Cyrus wrote  Earlier in the day, Cyrus shared a cheeky snapshot to Twitter and her Instagram Story from her Bangerz tour, which showed her lying on her back with her legs raised in the air as she wore a high-cut bodysuit and white boots  The meme-style photograph, shot from the front, had accompanying text that read, “When it’s valentine’s day and bae says hi ”  Making sure Hemsworth knew he was the intended recipient of the unconventional Valentine, Cyrus tagged his social media handles and wrote, “Love you ”  Hemsworth returned the silly Valentine’s Day fun on Friday, sharing yet another video of a prank he’s played on Cyrus  “Came across this little gem. 😂 I’ll never stop 😉 ❤️❤️,” Hemsworth wrote in the caption, indicating that he wouldn’t be easing up on Cyrus just because they’d tied the knot  In the video, Cyrus looked at Hemsworth with caution as she approached a vehicle he was sitting in  “[I’m] skeptical,” she told him. When he urged her to “jump on in,” the singer said, “Uh uh ”  Hemsworth insisted, “Yeah! Jump on in.”  As Cyrus sat next to him and buckled her seat belt, she made sure to keep her eyes on her new husband  After a few seconds of suspense, Hemsworth let out a shrill scream, which caused Cyrus to jolt and cover her face with her hands — and Hemsworth to start laughing  Commenting on the scare, Cyrus wrote, “I hate / love you.’  Hemsworth recently revealed what his wedding to Cyrus was “really special ”  “It was a really special day. It was pretty much just immediate family,” he told Willie Geist in a preview of this week’s episode of Sunday Today “I feel really happy and really fortunate to be with such a great person.”  “We’ve been through so much together over the last 10 years so I felt like it was time,” Hemsworth continued “We just try to keep as much of it as private as we can. A lot of things we can’t control, obviously, but I think not buying into the things said about us I think I’ve been ‘fake’ married about 9,000 times before my actual real marriage ”

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