Mia And Me A Shower of Pollen New Cartoon for Kids & Children Channel- Ryan Huchi

PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT & SUBCRIBE video! Thanks you very much! here whoa I don’t know if your aim is
getting better or worse check out this new Oracle across the bridge very near
not for sadness shed a tear hmm there are two bridges south of here another to
the north Oh is down with it
you know what would cure it really quick unicorn tears too bad we don’t have any and with that sniffle forget about royal
audiences well the kingdom won’t run itself no it won’t
which is why moais and you must be strong and you must never eat anything
without having somebody taste it first someone’s trying to poison the king it’s
not poison the schedule and most important of all whatever you do don’t
fly my balloon throne why not you don’t well I’m off to start the reign of King
mo the lion-hearted hey I like the sound of it did your father know you’re
goofing around on his throne I’m not goofing like so now that you’re King do
we have to bow good question His Majesty will think about it and get
back to you him say his crown is too tight but he’s not wearing one bridge
very near not for sadness shed it’s here huh this is a long shot but maybe it
means the sparkle pollen fields but I have to do King stuff let’s see first on
the agenda inspecting the new royal china patterns
guards king of the known world His Majesty will
think about it I certa fit a full how bad can they be does that answer your
question yep pretty bad but Penn say it be
merciful the poem is thicker than ever this time
of year there is no defense against it not not really Zig oh I don’t know why I
keep her around the king thanks you for your humble gift of this yeah no no you
still have to pose for a royal portrait move that to tomorrow it’s on the agenda
sire I’m the I bet you Konya are having more fun than
this whoa this pollen is not hard to find I
don’t get looking cute I’ll look over there ancho and I will look over here father said not to fly it nothing wrong
with just sitting in it maybe I can spot you goin Mia All Quiet on the home front pollen all right they’re wise King gave them
the day off that’s just great those unicorns will never be able to
jump that gap time for some fast bridge repair forget
the rules go blow your nose guard gonna Oh little you get them out of here unicorn clears man we could use those
hey where are you going punch ow get those unicorns across the
bridge we’ll take care of the monks take the piece and go Mia Yuko oh now that’s better
courtesy of Kings cover victory is within our reach
well mo it seems your reign has been successful what yeah
move the balloon throne obey me but you did it for the right
reasons and that kind of judgment is what makes a king a king and anyway the
balloon can always be fixed you’ll be doing it full-time soon enough Hey ancho that’s weird I wonder where he is
that sounds cute what is it there’s a competition to see who is crowned the
blush flower princess girls are judged on intelligence charm beauty Mo’s the
judge has been going on I’ve never even seen this ball thing it already bugs me
find a plant that likes to swallow I hope it’s not that big plant thing that
tried to swallow Tully face then your aim hold spitting Mia I love you will I
was meaning to compliment you in your speech yesterday thank you I’ll
definitely keep my eye on you too maybe you should keep your distance from
moe you know just for today he’s pretty
distracted uh-huh hey you fly you’ll be lucky if you
finish I make up for my deficiencies in other ways that you don’t like charm for
instance Oh okay so you guys have been so busy being
weird I don’t speak unicorn but you still made
more sense to me than those two I think we’re looking for the big flower that
tried to eat polyphase okay let’s split up on chopped guys you found it good work on so it’s
even uglier than I remember the mines no you’re both kind of scary
what exactly did the Oracle say it’s said to know the path that you must
follow find a plant that likes to let’s see if I can pry it open it won’t budge
I have an idea did you happen to see the Trump dispise
yeah that is an even smarter idea even smarter this cactus ought to do the
trick well done Mia beauty and intelligence
don’t always come in the same package beauty and intelligence are overrated
ha this contest oh well that explains that I think you two would both make
fine blush flower princesses if there’s any left peace and quiet at last I’m never gonna
find a rainbow blush flower what’s that you found one I’m sorry Yuko you know when I was
little you found it I had help
hanck little guy what do you say we just all right okay
this is a problem we can’t start without him I hope
something bad didn’t happen to him we gotta find him No are you there whoa that was close we can’t wait for Moe any longer else
citizens of centopia welcome to the blush flop at the sound of the horn the
contest to crown the blush flower princess shall begin ready what are you waiting for get in there you’re doing great the beauty and plow or beautiful gown and to me that shows
real grace and true beauty that is worthy of a bush flower princess
congratulations why are you dancing with me shouldn’t
you be dancing with Yuko oh no she’s too busy the rainbow blushed flower princess
has to collect all the rainbow blush flower you guys are watching him right no we’re
sitting here because prickle grass feels good are you okay you’re sure you’re okay right nothing
broken is that all there is yes it’s you have
to do something and not something temporary like these puny unicorn horns
or something that lasts but more power than the others and bring it to me today
do whatever it takes did you say it was look near water find
what is lost that’s got to be talking about a piece of the Trump TISS maybe
the two things are related be completely safe this is another of your lamebrain
failures gar gonna I’ll have you brushing the dragon’s teeth but
enlighten me a friend but once car gonna I feel you may be on
to something not completely foolish thank all monks around don’t speak too
soon they might be after on Shouse friends we
better go investigate no time to lose what about I know that look so where’s the Trump
‘test piece am I getting warm play hot or cold or do you okay
why don’t you just point I swear that monk patrol was right he
was actually kind of clever great don’t even fight the message in time I don’t get it where could it be uh-oh
knowing you are calling on Chow over here this is perfect no monk will ever
come near this water you’ll be safe here okay
take me to Yuko and Moe wings don’t fail me now I know I know just got a that’s my
breath okay Mia sorry I took so long
vice they must have gone right past me Oh No Oh ciao go if you don’t jump him too soon he’ll run
back behind the waterfall and we’ll never get him so wait for my signal come on show em I save double on Chow
then who’s that bar gonna you meddling elf the waterfalls enough with the water now you have no choice was I and over the unicorn never oh right then
I only asked as a courtesy will one of you fools grab that unicorn fine I’ll do
it again annoying little pal you can come out now but that’s onchao then who was that patient sicko eternal youth we soon the
others well hurry up you morons don’t keep our gracious Queen waiting God
gonna I knew I kept you around 15 I believe the dragon’s teeth need cleaning
don’t say but the dragons ain’t having their teeth Queen can you imagine what Panthea will do to
gar gonna it’s not all bad maybe she can use the statues well it’s been an exciting day time for
me to go camping fly safe you guys

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