Mediterranean Floral Centerpiece : Mediterranean Floral Centerpiece: Greenery

Next, after we’ve prepped our container, we’re
going to select our greenery. So, I’ve got a number of different foliages in my urn and
we’re going to select the ones that are going to look the best. In the urn, there’s quite
a bit of space to fill to cover up the floral foam, so we’re going to want to use some leaves
that are larger. Not quite as large as the tea leaves because this just really wouldn’t
fit. So we’re going to, today we’re going to select the lemon leaf which should fill
in nicely.
And we’ll also use some seeded eucalyptus which should also be a nice accent greenery.
And then we’ll also use a little bit of pittosporum, which will fill in some of the holes and also
add a nice rich color which also adds depth to the design. So, this is how you select
your foliage.

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