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(Travis) So here’s another question we get asked a lot, that I want to go ahead and knock out now So we don’t go through another hundred episodes (okay) of getting this question once a week People always ask – they’re thinking about starting a podcast (sure) do we have any advice? Do we have how to make it funny, how to do it anything along those lines? (Justin) What if your podcast gets more popular than ours where does that leave us? (Travis) That’s why we don’t ever answer it honest to god (Griffin) Yeah, that’s smart. (Travis) because there should only be one podcast in this world. That’s not ours (Griffin) That’s not it… um. (Justin) Hey, Stop Podcasting Yourself do that! (Travis coughs softly) (Justin) We’re – you’re out of the game Jordan Jessie Go, Jordan Jessie stop! Get out. (Travis wheezing laugh) Out of pool throwing – throwing shade might throw some dirt on your grave cuz he’s done podcasting you’re out! (Travis) for-former Judge John Hodgman. Disgraced Judge John Hodgmen. (Griffin mumbles in the back) (Justin) Verdict is in and you have to stop with your show. We’re the only ones left. What the fuck – else we got WTF where to find podcasts is – nowhere cuz you stopped. (Travis) How did this get stopped? (Justin) How did this get stopped that’s pretty good (Travis) Um. (Travis) Guess the advice would be have two really funny brothers To carry your dead weight for you. (Justin) That’s been my plan. Two years, it’s been working out great, so… (Travis) Wait that’s what I’ve been doing! (Justin) Shit! (Travis giggles) (Griffin) I got you guys. (Travis laughs and Justin giggles) (Griffin) I got this. (Travis) Don’t- I would say the best advice that I have for anyone is don’t just start doing a podcast because you feel like it. Like, wait till you find a good topic and a good cast of peopl- (Griffin) What? That’s what we did. (Travis) Ya, but like we didn’t say like let’s do a podcast and start one the next day like we brainstorm to worked on it (Griffin) That’s exactly what we- we workshopped it for like 35 minutes! (Travis) Ya, and all that was coming up with the name. (Griffin) And then we started the next day. (Justing laughs) (Griffin) Yeah. (Justin) What was are uh- Do we- (Griffin) Oh god I have a text document somewhere with some of the failed names. (Justin) Can we do that? (Justin) Can you read those- do you have that somewhere, saved (Griffin) Hey you guys I found- I found the document. (Justin and Travis) Okay! (Griffin) Here’s some a few names that we came up with that’s… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh… That were really bad um “Brother in my Ear” (Justin and travis laugh hysterically) (Justin sniffs) (Griffin) We got into robots for a while, Travis said “Fat Robot” (Justin laughs) (Griffin) Not- not quite human Justin said the “Not Quite Human Fan Cast” (Justin laughs more) (Griffin) ummmm… (Justin) This is all legit by the way, this is not a bit. (Griffin) “Brother Attack” “When Brothers Attack” “Heat of the Bro-ment” (Travis laughs) Heat of the Bro-ment was such a good one! (Justin) Wait, wait, what was it? (Griffin) Heat of the Bro-ment. (Justin laughs) (Travis) That was mine! (Griffin) ahhh… “Blossom” (Justin and Travis laugh loudly) (Justin squeaks) Wait! Blossom!? (Travis) Just Blossom? (Griffin) It’s just “Blossom” Umm, family- “Family Circus” uhhhh… oh man these are- some of these are so fucking bad (Justin laughing) Can you tell me? I have to know! (Griffin) Oh, this is great- “McEljoy” (Travis laughing) (Griffin) uhhhhh… I was the first one to suggest “My Brother My Brother And Me” I forgot that piece of errata and then right after that I suggested “Kenan & Kel and Justin and Travis and Griffin” ummmmm… Let’s see.. (Justin) I remember we had a honorary brother was one that we kicked round. (Travis) Brother -bot five thousand. I think was one… (Griffin) Brother-bot five thousand. (Justin) I do remember bro- (Griffin) “Cirque de Bro-leil” (Justin) I remember “Bro Your Own Way” was one. (Griffin and Travis) “Bro Your Own Way” (Griffin) That was very close to becoming it (Griffin) “The Baldwin’s of Pod-casting” (Justin laughs) (Griffin) “The Baldwin Brothers Podcast” with your hosts the McElroy brothers (Justin laughing) A little wordy. (Griffin) Mr. Brother (Justin) Mr. Brother? (Justin) Think maybe and you know how people who really love Mr. Belvedere call him “Brocktoon”? I think that we should maybe Maybe people who are super fans of the show should pick one of these as a nickname they can- they can use for us. (Travis) Oh, I like that that only they use that only they use. (Justin) That only they use. Um, but while still using- (Griffin) let’s go with blossom. (Travis) Please make it Blossom! (Justin) But, don’t- don’t (Travis) Guys, check out the latest episode of blossom? (Justin) We’re actually trying- we’re still trying to build our brand heat, so please don’t do that Always include the hashtag, the MBMBAM hashtag, when you do cuz like we’re just really trying to go build a brand right now

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  1. i was in the glowing sea in fallout 4 when i first listened to this bit, and that fact always comes back to me when i see this video

  2. keenen & kell & justin & travis & griffin is the most under appreciated one


    the baldin brothers podcasted hosted by the mcelroy brothers

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