Mayesh Design Star: How To Make a Floating Installation

(calm music) – Hi everyone, my name is Kaylee Young and I’m the owner of Flourish by Kay, and I am the 2018 Mayesh Design Star. In this video I’m going
to be talking you through how I made a floating installation. The tools I used to make
this installation are: clippers, wire cutters,
scissors, fishing line, wire netting or chicken wire, and then I also used oasis caged bricks, and also oasis bricks that were not caged, placed in Lomey dishes, floral
tape, and baby’s breath. We got started by using chicken wire. We cut the chicken wire
into different pieces, different sizes, according to what size
we wanted the ball to be. So we started with a large ball, so we had quite a large
piece of chicken wire, about two feet, crumpled it into a ball, and then tied it with fishing
line multiple times around, and then tied it to the
rafter in the venue. Once we did that and we
made sure it was secure, I started shoving baby’s
breath in, in clumps. And this created a tight, kind of, ball, with the baby’s breath, and it allowed everything
to hold together tightly, and I could build out more and more. So I just kept building out baby’s breath, shoving until it was nice and full, and all the chicken wire was covered, and then I made sure it was
the shape that I wanted, and then it was finished. The next two balls that we
made were the same process, they were just different
sizes, so smaller balls, and then again, I just
shoved baby’s breath, and then filled it up
until it was nice and full and all the chicken wire was covered, and then made it kind of
asymmetrical, whimsical looking. And then the last two little, tiny pieces of hanging baby’s breath, I juts made a little ball of baby’s breath and tied it with fishing line
so it was just like a bundle, and then tucked in some extra pieces, so it would be extra small. I didn’t use any chicken wire for that. The pieces on the ground, the first large piece we used
a large, caged brick of oasis. Soaked that, pushed it
up against the wall, and then started with baby’s breath, placing in the oasis and
building out as we went, bigger and bigger, until
we made, sort of like, a cloud looking thing. We did the same thing with the other cloud
installation piece on the ground. It was a regular sized piece of oasis that we had placed in a Lomey dish, so it would be smaller than
the other caged brick of oasis. Once we got the overall
shape of the clouds made, I just made sure that none of
the chicken wire was showing, I made sure that none of
the oasis was showing, and then I put in extra
pieces of baby’s breath to add, sort of a whimsical,
asymmetrical look, and to, kind of, finesse them, make them perfect, kind
of focus on the details. And after we were finished,
then we swept up the floor, and then the installation was finished. While I was designing this installation, I used the first piece as a gauge for the rest of the installation. So the first cloud that I made, we hung up the fishing
line, and the chicken wire, and then I started putting
the baby’s breath in, and kind of used that as a gauge to what size I wanted
the other clouds to be. So after we got finished
making that first piece, then I knew how I kind of
wanted to make the second, and the third pieces. The second piece I decided
to maybe try and put the baby’s breath in on the ground, I thought maybe that would
be a little bit easier. When you’re doing any
kind of installation, no matter what kind of
installation you’re doing, it’s gonna be very subjective
to your surroundings, the venue. So I think that you’re gonna be gauging no matter what you’re doing, so just start with a small piece, see how it goes over, and then kind of adjust
your technique as you go on. Installations are really amazing because they can do something for a venue that just nothing else can. They kind of bring it to life. And so, I really love this installation that we made with the baby’s breath. The bride was very whimsical and she liked things very structural, and so we had a lot of fun
designing this together. And then I used, we also made it a frame
for their wedding video, that they projected onto the wall. So, the baby’s breath
installation was used as a frame for people to take photos in, as kind of a photo moment, and it was also used as a
frame for their wedding video, when everyone would sit at the table and watch their two minute wedding video of when they got married. So, it was a really nice
addition to the venue. It was a really nice
addition to the reception, and it really brought the whole venue, and the whole event, to life. Hope that you learned something
valuable from this video, making an installation is different for each person every time, so I hope that something
you learned here today can help you in your next installation. (calm music)

42 thoughts on “Mayesh Design Star: How To Make a Floating Installation

  1. Messy…prettirst baby breath i ever saw was swags …thick in middle and thin where they joined…a whole long swag..down the room…

  2. I liked your video …. I would only like to give one criticism… the word "shoving " and " shoved" when talking about placing the baby's breath in the wire..maybe a more gentle word. . that's all. I'm a designer myself so I get it …but for people that aren't and that will watch this video it may be too harsh of a word ? That's all besides that, I love your work Kaylee and love Mayesh as well.

  3. I have a question. What would you say the average amount of babybreath was used to create the smallest and largest structure.

  4. Very inspirational! Perhaps some fairy lights added to the chicken wire before adding the baby breath would be Awesome too? 👏💜🕯🇦🇺

  5. I love your work and baby’s breath. But I just never like when people try to do them spheres. It just never looks right to me. Like an untrimmed bush.

  6. i like how she talks! "cloud looking thing" "shoved some babys breath" it is great!- good job star of the year 🙂

  7. This was beautiful. Very helpful to me as I was looking to do a floating installation for yacht party. The goal is to bring some light into the space but also to bring some nature or something beautiful there so this is perfect! I never thought of using the chicken wire. Ingenious! I loved your whole design.

  8. how many stems did you use for the big ball??? hot to plan for the material needed?

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