Making a Beaded Bouquet of Flowers : Making Beaded Leaves

Now I’m going to show you how to make a leaf
for the flower. For that we need the metal, a thin metal wire and again we are going to
cut about 20 inches long. I’m going to use now green beads, the same size I used as the
beads for the petal and I’m going to take first one bead and put it in the middle then
put two beads this time we have only one color, although you can play with green colors too.
You can use different greens and make the leaves more interesting. I took the other
side of the wire and I’m pulling from both sides creating a little triangle. Again taking
now three beads. If you want to make the leaves a little shorter you don’t need to go all
the way up to five, you can stop at four. Pull from both sides, the same way as you
have made the petals and again now we are going to take four beads and now I’m going
to do three times, the four layer because I am going to stop at that, I’m not going
to go all the way up to five beads, I just want to stop at four and make it a little
bit thinner leaf and again the wires on both sides, pulling them and now I’m going to do
one more four, and then I’m going to go down to three and finish with the leaf going downwards
and now I’m going to go down to three after I have four, I’m going to go down and then
to two and we are going to put one more bead, close this leaf.

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