Making a Beaded Bouquet of Flowers : Gluing Beaded Flowers to Stem

Now I’m going to show you how to glue the
beads into the stem. Those plastic flower shaped beads, you can see that some of them
has holes. You can get it at any craft store. You just pick up the colors that you like.
So what we do is we put first the bigger flower and we match, we look for a match to it. The
two, there are three sizes actually of flowers here, big ones, little bit smaller ones and
the very very small ones in the middle. And for the big hole ones we’ll need to use a
bead to stop them from coming down the stem so we need an extra bead for the big hole
flowers. What we do is we’re going to take the first big flower and just push it through
the stem and we’re going to take the second size and we’re going to glue them with a glue
gun together and to the stem. Just going to put a drop of glue and I’m going to glue those
two together, and I’m going to put a little bit more glue in the back to glue them to the stem. OK? Now I’m going
to take the last bead and I’m going to glue it in the middle. Put a little bit more glue
and put the last bead in the middle this way. We finished gluing the first beads, flower beads
to the stem and now we’re going to go to the second one.

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