Making a Beaded Bouquet of Flowers : Combining Beaded Flower Petals

Now I’m going to show you how to attach all
the petals. I made seven petals here. I’m putting it on a row. I’m going to take the
thin metal wire. I don’t need a very long string, about eight inches long. And what
I do with this string is I go through the last bead with every petal here, I’m just going to go
through. Just going to straighten up the wires here a little bit. And what I do is I take
one side of the metal string and go through again, but from the other side. Now I’m starting
from the other side with this string, go from the other side just with the first one and I’m going to pull
it together like this. I pulled the string. We went through the first bead and I’m going
to go through three more, just one more to make it more stable, petal attached now. Going
to have those two strings, I mean one string with both sides. Just going to pull it harder
and this is the petals.

One thought on “Making a Beaded Bouquet of Flowers : Combining Beaded Flower Petals

  1. I would love for you to make more of these with different flowers. I know you were on here long time ago. I hope you can still do this. I have learned so much from you tutorial.

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