Make Easy Small Fabric Roses – Mini Fabric Flowers

Hello, this is Risa from Anjurisa
Welcome to my channel In this video, I will show you how to make this beautiful, pretty, yet so easy to make flower Before we start, consider pressing the SUBSCRIBE button so you won’t miss any update These are the templates I use for this flower This is for the flower center and this is for
the flower You can use any size for this template according to the size of the flower you want I use crepe fabric for this flower This fabric has a clear texture as you can see I use soldering iron to cut this fabric First, cut the flower center You can search this template on google with the keyword: “4 petals flower template” If you haven’t watched my tutorial about cutting fabric using a soldering iron, please see the description below Next, I will cut the flower You can search this template on Google too with the keyword: “5 love petals flower template” Cut a hole in the center and cut the petals to reach almost the center You can see the shape is very nice Make 2 pieces for the flower center
and 6 pieces for the flower Take the flower center and fold it in half Align the flower center like this Prepare stamen Put this here and roll the fabric to make the flower center To form the flower, put this through the hole Use the petals to wrap around the center Continue with the second piece of fabric I like making this flower because it
doesn’t require any burn, melt, or singe method You can use any fabric for this flower, like satin fabric or chiffon fabric I like to use crepe fabric because the
texture is very visible I usually use this flower to make baby
headbands and to make a baby headband, I like to use very tiny flowers I prefer fabric flowers rather than paper flowers To finish this off, cut this and secure with hot glue Our beautiful flower is finished! I have made many of these flowers and you can try making them too Thanks for watching, if you like this tutorial, please like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

29 thoughts on “Make Easy Small Fabric Roses – Mini Fabric Flowers

  1. Ow… Thanks y say.. Saya lupa mau tanya untuk kepalanya yg ukurannya brp y say? Soalnya binggung mau beli diinternet tipenya bnyk.. Saya baca2 harus kepala yang runcing.. Pas dicari yang runcing juga ada bbrp tipe binggung jdnya haha 😰

  2. Ow ok dech thanks y say.. Sudah mau menjawab pertanyaanku.. Thanks banget juga tutorial bunganya cantik2 semuanya. Sukses terus say

  3. Really beautiful mini flowers🤗🤗👌👌 please give me the name of the soldering iron nd templates which I like to buy if links r there please share

  4. Me encanta su trabajo con el cortador , gracias por compartir , me gusta elaborar flores hechas con tela y tela de organza y no sabia como utilizar el cortador para hacerlas y ya con sus videos estoy fascinada , gracias ojala haga más, saludos 😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Please could you clarify the fabric you said you prefer? I can't quite figure out what you are saying. Beautiful flower! 😘

  6. Beautiful your works. I love your videos. Could you tell me the name of the manufacturer of your welding machine please

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